Christmas decorated fireplace and tree in the room

It can be difficult trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for the man that has everything. Your father has been around for a long time, and he has already accumulated everything he ever could possibly need, right? Well, this holiday season, why not give him what he doesn’t even know that he is missing? Here are just a few examples of some perfect Christmas gifts for almost any dad:

1. Beer Subscriptions

You’ve probably heard of dessert or fruit of the month clubs, but those are low-key and lack excitement. If you want to tantalize your dear ole dad’s taste buds, why not try a gift of a new brewski every 30 days? With selections of ale, lager, and microbrews, you can’t go wrong if Dad is a beer lover.

2. Digital Picture Frames

What makes Dad prouder than showing off his bevy of children and grandchildren? You can load multiple pictures of Dad’s brood so he can gaze at their pictures lovingly as they change out every few seconds.

And, just think, you can also load new photos from your devices from afar, so he always will have the latest pics.

3. Cigars

Gentlemen of old used to relax after a long day at work by changing into their robes and slippers and lighting up their favorite stogies to puff on. With the proliferation of smoking and vaping culture, and the spread of hookah bars dotting suburbia, cigars, like those sold at outlets like WorkPlay, are back and better than ever. So, give Dad the gift of sophisticated taste.

4. Carry Items

The discerning, yet fashionable gentleman knows that every day carries Items are not only attractive, but they are also quite useful. With items ranging from stylish wallets to dainty keychains, to flashlights and multi-purpose tools that will always come in handy, a gift box featuring a hodgepodge of everyday carry Items makes a practical, yet chic, gift for the guy who has it all.

5. Wristwatches

The timeless timepiece will never be replaced by the digital display on Dad’s iPhone. Watches are still the classy way to keep time and make any appointments. While they may seem retro now, being a classic accessory just adds to their timeless appeal.

In conclusion, there is always something new for the father that has tried it all. He may seem picky and difficult to shop for, but if you try the suggestions on this list, he will likely be satisfied with your choices. Either he will be introduced to a new hobby, or he will have fun rocking new accessories, so, no matter what, it will be a win for him this holiday season.