Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack Giveaway

Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack

Orkin wants to make sure that everyone knows about bed bugs and has sponsored this post and giveaway! They are giving one of my readers an Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack which includes 2 mattress Safe Pillowsafe protectors ($30.00 Value).

These pillow case covers will help protect your pillows from bed bugs, as well as bacteria, mold, stains, dust, and allergens. They are waterproof, breathable, fire retardant and impermeable to dust mites, mold, bacteria, and bed bugs. 

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Don’t Let the Beg Bugs Bite QUIZ

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” How many times have you heard this or tucked in your own children and repeated the phrase?

Bed bugs have come back strong over the last decade, keeping more and more people from sleeping tight. Now is the time to take control with a smart action plan – before the bed bugs bite.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s critical to detect and treat an infestation early. Take the “Don’t Let the Beg Bugs Bite” QUIZ and download the “5 Must-Know Facts” PDF for a few tips on how to spot a budding beg bug problem.

And if you suspect an infestation, be sure to contact your Orkin professional. who will inspect your home thoroughly and design a treatment that’s right for you.

Visit Orkin.com or call 877-412-6806 for a free estimate.

Take the quiz to find out if YOU let the bed bugs bite!

 Five Must Know Facts About Bed Bugs

**This post is sponsored by Orkin

Bonus History of Bed Bugs

Just in case you wanted it, I’m adding a quote here on the history of bed bugs from Wikipedia. 

Cimex lectularius (bed bugs) may have originated in the Middle East in caves inhabited by bats and humans.

Bed bugs were mentioned in ancient Greece as early as 400 BC, and were later mentioned by Aristotle. Pliny’s Natural History, first published circa 77 AD in Rome, claimed bed bugs had medicinal value in treating ailments such as snake bites and ear infections. (Belief in the medicinal use of bed bugs persisted until at least the 18th century, when Guettard recommended their use in the treatment of hysteria.

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