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About Sitara Collections

Founded in 2007, Sitara Collections is an online destination for home decor, travel needs, fine jewelry, fantastic gift selections and personal luxuries you won’t find anywhere else.  Sitara believes gifts should be more than the mass-produced items too many of us reluctantly buy. I agree! 

The company initially focused exclusively on the exceptional work of Indian artisans, whose exotic inspirations and traditional craftsmanship still remain at the heart of Sitara Collections. In recent years, offerings have expanded to include extraordinary examples of South American artistry and a line from one of France’s most exciting jewelry designers.

All of the products are crafted by talented artisans, most of whom are keeping centuries-old techniques and designs alive while creating modern treasures. And because every piece is handmade, your purchase is the very definition of exclusive.

Sitara is proud to support fair labor practices—particularly for their Indian and South American artists—to ensure that they’re able to devote themselves to their craft while earning a fair wage.

In addition to fine jewelry, Sitara Collections also features extraordinary décor items, elegant Pashmina and other delightful surprises sure to transport you to a whole new world of possibilities. Sitara is about feeling confident, chic and absolutely fabulous. Even their name—the Indian word for “star”—speaks to their mission.

Browse the Sitara Collections online, and let our exceptional creations make you feel like a star every day.

The Sitara Foundation

 The Sitara Foundation currently has one main project: the financial support of the School for Educational Development (Shiksha Vikas Vidyalaya or SVV), which is located in the northern Indian village of Chanchali. It’s a school established by Vinay Singh, the Indian-born husband of Sitara founder Linda Singh, as a vehicle to supplement the education of children in this remote village. Without additional help in subjects like English and math, most or all of the local children couldn’t earn a spot at government-run institutions of secondary education—thereby sentencing them to a life of continued poverty.

A portion of the purchase price from every Sitara Collections item is funneled directly to SVV to sustain its vision of lifting rural Indian children out of poverty. And like ripples in a pond, their successes will affect not only their families and their community, but perhaps reach into unexpected corners to inspire even greater actions.

The mission of Sitara Foundation is to give back to the people of India, who are the inspiration and backbone of Sitara Collections. We do this through our financial support of the School for Educational Development (Shiksha Vikas Vidyalaya) in the northern Indian village of Chanchali, knowing that education is perhaps the most important tool in lifting communities out of the cycle of poverty.  To learn more about the SVV School, please visit

Win a $100 Sitara Collections Gift Certificate

 Sitara Collections is giving away five $100 Gift Certificates! If you don’t see an entry form pop up on this page (look for it in the bottom right corner) click over to the giveaway entry form HERE! The sweepstakes ends 4/15/2014.

My New Turquoise Glass Lantern

I just received my new turquoise glass lantern and I’m in love! It is absolutely gorgeous!! And, the packaging was almost as pretty! Plus, it came with the nicest handmade envelope that I immediately knew was from India by the design. 

turquiose lanternDisclosure: I received the lantern above in return for my sharing this information here. All opinions are my own!