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Everyone has odds and ends lying around their home. Whether you have a collection of empty aluminum cans sitting in your closet, or you have some random, old odds and ends sitting in your garage, with a little creativity you can turn that trash into treasure.

Image courtesy of Ash & Kimy Ulmer of

Image courtesy of Ash & Kimy Ulmer of

Upcycled Craft Ideas

These upcycled craft ideas help to cut down the amount you put into landfills, they allow you to express your creativity and they will provide you with some pretty unique decorative accents. So, without further ado, here are some pretty clever ideas for turning your trash into creative masterpieces.

Shutter Headboard

Do you have broken shutters on your house? Instead of tossing them out, fashion them into an attractive headboard and give your bedroom a country chic vibe. Just position the shutters behind your bed, either in a vertical or horizontal orientation, and affix them to the wall with a few screws. The look is uber stylish and will ground your bed, making it the centerpiece of your bedroom. 

Watering Can Planter 

If you have an old metal watering can, you can turn it into a super cute planter for your garden or indoor use. Drill a few holes into the bottom of the watering can; this will allow the excess water to drain out of the planter when watering your flowers. Next, spray a few coats of a rust-resistant spray onto the surface of the watering can. You can use a spray that has a clear finish, or you can choose a colored spray to add an extra touch of interest to the planter. That’s it! When the spray dries, fill the can up with potting soil and plant your favorite annuals inside. 

Lid Coasters 

Have some empty mason jars hanging around? Grab the lids and turn them into stylish coasters. Just clean the lids and spray them with a rust resistant spray. Cut adhesive cork shelf liner so that it fits inside the lid and affix it in place. You can use the coasters as is, or you can add some extra interest by stamping a design on the cork with a solvent-based ink. These coasters will keep your tables free from glass marks and add a touch of interest to your tabletop.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser 

Another stylish craft to make out of a mason jar is a soap dispenser. Just buy a soap pump and measure the diameter of the tube that the soap will come out of. Drill a hole in the lid of the mason jar that is equal to the diameter of the tube. Fill the jar with your favorite liquid soap, place the soap pump into the lid and screw the lid onto the jar. You can also use the jar as a lotion dispenser. 

Book Shelves 

Have old books that you aren’t reading anymore? Fashion them into book shelves; actual book shelves. Just measure the thickness of the books and mark it out on the wall. Attach two brackets on the wall where the bottom of the book will sit, and one where the top of the book will sit. Place the book on the bracket and you have an eye-catching shelf that you can use to display pictures, vases and other lightweight objects. 

With a little creative thinking, your trash can literally become treasure.

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