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Great Balls of Cheese

So, You Think Cheese Balls are Cheesy?

When Michelle Buffardi emailed me to introduce her new book,  Great Balls of CheeseI fell in love with it instantly! I love owls and, call me cheesy but, put a port wine cheese ball in front of me and I’m digging in for hours! I, sighhh, I admit- I LOVE cheese balls!

Obviously I’m not alone in this cheesy love affair! April 17th is National Cheese Ball day! Ohh yeah!

But, I had no idea just how FUN cheese balls can be! Great Balls of Cheese are not only cute and fun and interesting, but they have awesome flavor combinations! All hail queen of the Cheese Balls, Michelle! She’s found a way to make them cool and to excite the kids about making, and eating, them!

Whether you are looking for sweet or savory, Great Balls of Cheese has something for you! The author worked for Martha Stewart’s magazine and website and now works for Food Network. She certainly knows what she’s doing with these recipes!!

cheese balls

About Great Balls of Cheese

The following is the “official” description on Amazon. You can order the hardcover and kindle editions there.

Remember the nut-covered, pink-colored cheese balls served at grandma’s house for the holidays? Well, these are not your grandma’s cheese balls. Updated for contemporary tastes, Michelle Buffardi’s cheese balls come in both savory and sweet flavors, like cheddar, blue cheese, and Buffalo wing sauce, or Bing cherry, rum, and pecan. And cheese balls are just part of the story.

Many of the recipes, photographed in gorgeous full color, are in adorable shapes for all kinds of occasions, such as an Easter egg, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ornament, or a football for a Super Bowl party. Other designs are just plain fun, like the Nacho Cat, a Wise and Cheesy Owl, or one that looks like a pizza fresh from the oven.

There is so much interest in bringing old-fashioned foods back into style, and this is no exception. Perfect for food lovers with crafty flair or anyone who loves to entertain, this book, with more than fifty inventive recipes and designs, is sure to be turned to again and again.

Check Out These Easter Cheese Balls!

Planning an Easter Brunch? You’ve got to make these two cheese balls! So cute and easy!!

Ham & Cheese Easter Egg

Michelle wrote, “Decorating a giant Easter egg made of cheese is about a million times more fun than decorating regular old Easter eggs- plus the whole thing’s edible.” Um, heck yes! I love this and think this is going to become an Easter must have at our house!

ham and cheese easter egg

Pimiento Cheese Chick

Michelle writes, “Pimiento cheese is a staple in the South; it’s usually made with cheddar cheese and mayonnaise (in addition to pimientos, of course) and spread on white bread. Add mayonnaise to a cheese ball and it won’t hold its shape, so I’ve used cream cheese instead, and formed it into a chubby chick with shredded cheddar cheese “feathers” and an almond “beak.”

pimiento cheese chick

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