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Roughy Toys

 I’ve fallen in love with Alex the monkey! He’s a toy with a great and inspirational focus. When you buy one a child in need also receives one. And, really, how cute is he? This would make such an awesome Christmas gift for that special someone! In fact, since 7yo is dubbed “Monkey” I think that this may make an appearance at my house on Christmas morning. One toy, two smiles!!

One 2 One | For every toy purchased, another one is given to a child in need. Our children need a more meaningful toy! One that brings the joy of play to them and to another child in need. The final sample has already been given to  Open Arms Infant Home in Malawi, AfricaRoughy Toys has partnered with the Toy Industry Foundation to donate amongst a network of over 1,000+ charities worldwide.

Ages 0+ Alex is special and was designed to be more durable than the average stuffed animal since he/she will bring comfort and play to children in conditions all over the world. Dual layer construction and diamond stitching will help keep Alex both soft and strong for years of play with your child and children in need around the world.

Roughy Toys eBook

Once you have Alex in hand, you might want to download the iBook, Adventures of Alex which is free on an iPad and $0.99 on Kindle

Roughy Toys Indiegogo Campaign

Watch the video below for more information or click HERE. Today is the LAST day to donate!  

Roughy Toys | Indiegogo Launch from Rich Twilley on Vimeo.

About Roughy Toys

One 2 One | For every toy purchased, another one is given to children in need around the world. 

“We believe the building blocks of learning start very early and begin with play. Playing with toys stimulates cognitive development and leads to greater success in education and in life. Our mission is to provide comfort and play through toys that thrive in the world’s roughest and toughest conditions.” Changing the world for children one toy at a time…

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FAQ About Roughy Toys and Alex

What does Roughy stand for?

Simple and meaningful, the “Roughy” in Roughy Toys comes from the orange roughy, one of the longest living animals on Earth, which can live up to 149 years.  Roughy symbolizes longevity – a durable and  more meaningful toy.

Where does Alex get his/her name?

Alex is named after the ancient Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt.   Since the foundations of learning start with play, one of the most famous libraries in history is a perfect fit . We also like the name Alex because it provides children with the freedom to decide if their Alex is a boy or girl. 

Teal color?

Chosen as a bright color attractive to both boys and girls, the teal color is visually stimulating for children and inspires their imagination.  Alex’s diamond stitching and teal hands and feet are part of what makes him special.

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