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A short time ago I received an invitation to attend a meeting at my son’s school about an upcoming trip to New Orleans. It was a school trip but as an extracurricular activity it was going to cost around $1250 for my son to attend and an additional $1350 if I wanted to go along with him. Visiting New Orleans is definitely on my bucket list but with the money needing to be in at a time when I have Christmas shopping and property taxes taking over every extra penny that comes in, there was no way to make it work. 

Then, I received the following email from and immediately knew that this was a website I would be more than happy to visit and spread the word about. Below is the letter I received.

We know that education and learning continues when the school day ends and there are a lot of parents and guardians out there who can use a little help paying for various activities and learning opportunities that used to be funded by school budgets. Faced with buying food or paying for music lessons or summer camp should not be an either/or decision when it comes to a kid’s education!  That is where comes in. is a new fundraising website which allows families with kids K-12 to raise money from friends, family, colleagues and the public to pay for extra-curricular activities.

While we don’t expect an end to car washes and bake sales, we are confident that will prove to be an excellent option for parents and guardians to raise much-needed money to fund all-important after school and extracurricular activities for their kids. We’ve designed-in helpful tools that make it easy to promote Causes and our low administrative fee does not go up to penalize you if you don’t reach your funding goal.

There are new crowdfunding websites popping up every day, and for good reason. We are a generous and compassionate people; always ready to step forward and help another person in need. But while the vast majority of crowdfunding sites allow people to fund just about anything, the focus of is and will always be: kids and education.

If you have a kid with an after school need, we urge you to try raising money through And if you have the heart and financial means to help a deserving kid, please browse or search Causes by category, location or special circumstances. Making a difference in kids’ lives has never been easier.


Curator of Kids’ Causes

P.S. You can help spread the word about by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook, sharing a link with friends and family or simply telling others about this great new crowdfunding site for kids.


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  1. My kids schools go straight through the PTA for fundraising. Gone are the days of bake sales and what-have-you’s. I really think this program is something my childrens schools could benefit from. Because, quite frankly, the PTA’s yearly attempt at selling overpriced wrapping paper doesn’t seem to be getting the schools anywhere.

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