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Chicken of the Sea Giveaway 

Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups

Chicken of the Sea’s popular To Go Cups now have a new look! Available in Chunk Light TunaAlbacore TunaTuna Salad and Pink Salmon, these To Go Cups are ready to eat, no draining required with only 70-80 calories each, these cups are perfect for a quick lunch or snack at school, in the office or on the road.

Available in easy-to-open, 2.8-ounce cups, Chicken of the Sea’s tuna and salmon are wild-caught and a natural source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and are low in fat and calories. The cups come in packages of two.

“According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, consumers should eat at least eight ounces of seafood each week,” said registered dietician Sharon McNerney. “Chicken of the Sea’s To Go Cups makes it even more convenient for people to eat the recommended amount of seafood.”

Whether eaten alone, on top of crackers or added to a salad for an extra dose of delicious protein, Chicken of the Sea’s cups make it easy and convenient to eat healthy at home or on the go.

Easy Lunch Ideas

 Are you a big fan of soggy sandwiches? I’m not either. Whenever I pack something like a tuna sandwich I prefer to mix up the tuna salad and put it in a small plastic container and keep the bread seperate in a  sandwich bag. This saves me two steps, one, the tuna salad is premixed and two, I don’t have to worry about finding a small container with a matching lid or getting it back at the end of the day! 

Another great way to send your child in with a yummy, healthy lunch is to give them some leftover (or fresh) salad, a dressing packet and a container of one of the tuna packed in water To Go cups or even the salmon. Since it doesn’t need draining they can open and add to their salad easily for a great balanced meal! Moms and Dads just might love this option as well! 

Try pairing a To Go cup with sliced cucumbers, crackers, hard boiled eggs, veggie sticks, pretzels… the combinations are endless, really!

Another way we use these is for the “picky eater” when we have a great dinner there is apt to be one child (read, 7 yo) who is finicky about what is on the table. Having these in the cupboard make it easy to offer a healthy alternative without having to open (and possibly waste) a regular size can of tuna fish.  

Chicken of the Sea Coupon

Save $0.50 on Chicken of the Sea’s New Cups Today!
Chicken of the Sea is currently offering on-pack coupons on the new package for $0.50 off any To Go Cup package. To find a grocery store in your area that carries the To Go Cups, use Chicken of the Sea’s Product Locator. The To Go Cups are also available at WalMart. The suggested retail price is $2.49 for chunk light and tuna salad, and $3.49 for chunk white and salmon.

Finding Chicken of the Sea

Not sure if your local store sells Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups? I’m told that most Wal-Marts carry them but you can use the product locator on Chicken of the Sea’s website to find them at a store near you! 

Mermaid Club

Have you heard of the Mermaid Club? If you are a big fan of Chick of the Sea products you should check it out. Members will learn about new products, receive recipes in their email every month, can win prizes and sample products and will receive a money-saving coupon on their birthday! 

Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups Giveaway

Enter below to WIN all four varieties of the Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups along with a really cute small backpack perfect for your child’s next  field trip! 



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