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As I mentioned last week, I celebrated my 34th birthday on September 4th. My big birthday gift was upgrading my phone from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. I love it! I also received the pink Fuse Bluetooth Speaker in return for sharing my opinion on it here in this post. I love this thing! 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone

Small size, BIG sound! The fuse Bluetooth Speaker, delivers rich, premium sound in a compact palm-sized portable design.  Control your music with your phone or speaker unit’s side panel: volume up/down, previous/next, play/pause.

With the unique hands-free speakerphone feature you can also answer, hang up, or ignore calls at anytime.

The Bluetooth speaker works with any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet,or mobile device.

The portable speaker comes with a fully rechargeable Li-ion battery that delivers up to 6 hours of continuous play, a micro USB cable and a 3.5mm aux cable.

Great for the office, for home, or any situation where music and access to your phone is a must!

My Experience with the Speaker

I was excited when I received this! I’d been wanting something to blast my tunes, especially in the bakyard when we have campfires or are swimming in the pool. I plugged this into my laptop to charge and left it alone over night. The next morning I synced it with my phone using Bluetooth. Syncing was a breeze! Then I started playing music from my iTunes. (The speaker is androud compatible as well). I couldn’t believe the sound! Honestly, this little thing ROCKS!

I was curious how the speaker would work if I received a phone call so I tested that with my husband. When you are connected and your phone rings an option pops up on your phone allowing you to choose if you’d like to answer with the phone or with the speakerphone. I tried both ways and had no issues. In fact, while I was on speakerphone I was also able to switch to using my phone mid-call. Pretty good option.

This is a great way for a hands free call, especially for me as I work from home and sometimes am typing notes while on a call. Touchscreens are great but if you’ve ever tried to balance one and not hung up on a caller with your cheek, you are a genius!

The speaker is priced at $49.99 but I think its worth it. As long as it holds up over time I’d say the price is fair. It also ships free!  And  don’t worry, you aren’t married to pink! The speaker is also available in green and gray. I’ve worked with Fuse a couple of times now and I believe that they offer great products for phone accessories including cases, chargers and audio devices like this speaker at an awesome value. Check them out here!  

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  1. Was actually a good read and headsup, however I do like that type of small version of speakers. But if possibly to have a little bit big of that kind of speakers would love to experience it. But overall thanks for the review 🙂

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