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Traveling With Teens

Traveling with teens, tweens and even elementary school children in the car can sometimes be a daunting task. The kids fight. They are bored. There’s nothing to do. Jimmy is touching Johnny’s shoulder. And the list goes on and on. Sometimes it feels like its easier to just stay home! But, with a little planning and possibly breaking a few electronics rules that 1500 mile road trip to the Florida vacation of your dreams is not impossible! 


Plan to make the trip when your kids are least restless. You could drive all night while they sleep of course but then you may be too tired to enjoy the trip! Getting up extra early and heading out when the kids can go back to sleep in the backseat may be a good option. Or, maybe they are more relaxed after dinner? Whatever works for you! 


Pack a small cooler with drinks and snacks such as vegetables with individual dipping cups filled with ranch dressing, a bag of cubed watermelon, light sandwiches. Have a trash bag ready and some wetnaps to keep small messes at bay. 


Believe it or not, even teenagers will enjoy games of “I Spy” and “See it First”. They are never too old to be on the lookout for the new things that they may seen along your route. Rewards could include small prizes or even stops at a special scenic or fun place along the way. Don’t forget to sing!


 If its going to be a long trip, plan in some time to make a few stops to get your blood flowing and the kids eneregy stores somewhat drained! Love fishing? Include the poles and plan out a stop for some fishing. Remember, if you go out of state the kids can probably still fish without a license while you take a break from driving. Pack the fish in your cooler if you keep them or just catch and release for sport and photo opps. Maybe include a ball and glove for a game of catch at the park or rollerblades for a quick look around a new town. 


Create a playlist for everyone to enjoy on your phone with auxillary port or on a CD. Include some of everyone’s favorite songs and you can all sing along! I can’t get away with leading the A,B,C’s and Mary Had a Little Lamb anymore! And, yes, I’ve tried! Haha


When all else fails, be prepared. I have one child with a kindle, one with a tablet and another with an iPhone. Plus, my husband and I each have our iPhone and Android based phones in the front seat. We also have a portable DVD player. I have two outlets for car chargers and a USB port but with five devices needing to be charged this still might not seem like enough. Keeping those electronics charged up means video games, music and movies are at their fingertips and I can concentrate on finding the exit I need! But how?

12 Ft Charger

We chose the Fuse heavy duty, high output Micro USB car charger. The coil cord actually reaches in the back seat (up to 12 feet!) so the kids can charge and play at the same time. There is also a USB port in the front that allows a second regular USB charger connection to be plugged in at the same time! It was a great choice and its already charged the Kindle and the tablet a few times a piece! They also have an Apple charger but I use the micro USB because we have two apple products and three USB products. We plug the apple chargers into one of the USB ports and every one is happy! 


About Fuse

Fuse is a wholly owned company located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Fuse manufacturers cellular and tablet accessories as well as a variety of audio products. The brand was established in 2004 and spans through a variety of product categories including cellphone cases, screen protectors, chargers, utility cables, headphones and ear buds, Bluetooth audio and beyond. Most notably, is their officially licensed line of Harley-Davidson, Realtree and Mossy Oak cellular and electronic accessories.

Fuse is all about convergence — connecting you 24/7 to the electronics you use every day. Their products are designed to, protect, stylize and enhance your technology, add convenience and make your life easier. Fuse products are manufactured with the astute research and design and intense product testing to deliver only the best to protect and enhance your electronic device.

You can find Fuse on their Blog TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

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  1. This is a brilliant product idea. I can think of a lot of time it would have come in handy to be able to charge our various electronic items while we were in the car.

  2. I love the long cord! Our kids are still pretty little so they stay entertained with music we all listen to and a movie or two on the DVD player. But I can see how it will get crazy when they each have a device to play on that needs charging. Especially in our van, a 12 foot cord will be a lifesaver!

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