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The legal stuff…I received three sets of Kidecal labels as compensation for doing this review and giveaway post and also working on a fun and interactive shared screen shopping experience! I had a great chat with Paul who is half of Kidecals and I can tell you first hand that if you’re buying from Kidecals you are buying from fun amd very friendly people. They can relate to us as parents because they are parents! 

Kidecals offers something for everyone! The decals are dishwasher, washer and dryer safe! This means that you can label your kids clothing, boots, hats, mittens, pool toys, electronic devices, backpacks, water bottles and so much more! Below are the ways that we used our free labels. I ordered one set for my parents who are gardenening and canning extraordinnaires. They also like getting their canning jars back so they can fill them up and share next years bounty again. My Mom took them home and applied to a canning jar, and their luggage, right away! I really love the way these look!

I have a first grader. His teacher sends home a newsletter each week and in it the words “Please label ALL of your child’s belongings” are not so subtly screaming out at me… YOU! This means YOU! Ahh, yes, the unlabeled hat, that right boot some other kid tried to put on.

Let me just say that next year my Second grader will be labeled from head to toe and along with everything else! I’ve already applied his lables to his water bottle (see image below) and back pack. He loved the design, I love that my butt is labled, err, covered! 

My daughter is a pink and zebra print fanatic! I used her labels for her Kindle and for her Kindle case. I’m hiding them now because she wants to stick them on everything, especially her walls. I get the fascination girl, but slow down! There are so many more things to put your name on! Binder, backpack, camp bag, camp clothes.

Yes my daughter is going to summer camp again this summer! Last year, I dropped off a terrified 11 year old. This year I’ll be dropping off a 12 year old that most likely won’t remember my name until she gets hungry on the drive home at the end of the week. She’s that excited about camp. And, I’m pretty excited that everything will actually come back this time! 

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Save 15% on your first order! Use code: awesomelabels or sign up for Kidecals Mailing List and get your own 15% coupon! Free shipping on every order!


About offers personalized,waterproof kid’s name labels and decals. Their unique kid name labels stick to any surface – including clothes – and are waterproof, dishwasher & washing machine safe! Stick these personalized kids name labels & kids name tags on easily lost items such as water bottles and mittens so they get quickly returned! With over 80 decal and label designs to meet trends and interests, there is a style of personalized labels for everyone – even grownups! KIDECALS makes custom labels for birthdays, weddings, or other events. A great way to personalize a party! We also offer hand-painted kids wall decals for an instant mural in any room of the house. These PVC free decals are removable and repositionable.

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  1. We’re headed to K4 this fall and I’m freaking out about Miss S losing everything. This is the perfect solution! I’m especially excited about the fact that they are washer and dryer safe!!

    1. It truly is an awesome way to keep tabs on things!! You can customize them any way you want too!

  2. I love the variety and the chalkboard stickers. Super awesome product!

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