Outdoor Fun

Ahh, Spring is finally here! We celebrated with a road trip yesterday. You can see our route mapped out above. The first notable sight was a breeding pair of Ospreys.
As we moved North up the Androscoggin River we stopped off at one of our favorite fishing spots. Here we enjoyed the weather, stripped the top off the Jeep and had a picnic lunch.

We may have also witnessed our very own Pirate Encounter…

We saw PussyWillows and Yellow Wildflowers

And then we drove around the Brookfield Power Wind Farm. We saw a Partridge or Pheasant in the road.And, speaking of roads…We almost went through one! We stopped and filled the holes with sticks!

Then we stopped for more fishing in Phillips Brook! I think late spring is the best time to go fishing. Rumor has it there’s even some great-tasting Walleye in a river not far from me!

As we drove along we stopped again to listen to some loudly croaking frogs in a pond.

And finally, we were completely confused by a strange flat roof above some rocks in the most random place…

Have family, add Jeep. Fishing poles optional but highly recommended.

And, that was our Saturday! How was yours?