Ten Eleven Mother’s Day Gifts

Maybe you are looking for a gift for your Mother or you are a Dad looking for a fun project to surprise the kids’ Mom with on Mother’s Day or you are a Mom that wants to keep your kids busy on a rainy afternoon, these crafts are all inexpensive, easy and fun to make! Don’t forget about Grandma! Here’s a roundup of some amazing Mother’s Day Crafts from some wonderful bloggers whom have given me permission to share with you! Enjoy!

1)Photo Lid Keepsakes

Stacy says that this one was a little  more difficult. Might be best for older kids or you’ll just have to do a lot of hands on work with this one. The results or beautiful though!! You can find all of the instructions along with links to other Mother’s Day crafts and cars at Share & Remember

2)Fingerprint Charm Necklace

Not only does Meredith have a super clever blog name- Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, she too is super clever and SO creative! I actually think that I’m going to link, and relink to this super craft on my Husband’s Facebook page in a not so subtle way of suggesting that he assist my children in making me one of these! You can find the full details on how to make these here!

3)Clay Fingerprint Tags

Another, Share and Remember project! I really love the fingerprint clay crafts!! Thanks again Stacy! Find the instructions here

4)Flower Bookmarks for Mom

These beautiful bookmarks are a great way for the kids to create something beautiful in no time. Stacy over at Share & Remember even has a template that you can download with instructions here!

5)Toddler Footprint Butterflies

Samantha over at Nifty Mom helped her kids create beautiful Mother’s Day gifts for herself and their Grandmothers! Find the instructions here! You should also check out her Handprint Flower and Handprint Sunshine crafts! 

6)Photo Garden Spring Craft

My friend Cindy over at CrazyLou has come up with this really cute and inexpensive craft using Dollar Store materials! The kids will have a blast with this one! Please visit CrazyLou for instructions!

7)Mother’s Day Preschool Card

This is an adorable craft for younger children! So cute and easy for their little hands to make! Find the directions here! Thanks for sharing, LaVonne! And, while I was on your site I couldn’t help but notice this:

8)Handprint Butterfly Craft

This shouldn’t cost you a penny and is a great way to use toilet paper rolls! This craft even includes a secret message! Get the instructions here! Thanks again, LaVonne! 

9)Jewelry Box & Bracelet

Cute homemade jewelry for Mom! I really enjoyed how Alvina included instructions by age level and prompts for discussion with your kids about what Mother’s Day means to you! You can find all of the great tips here!

10)Easy Dollar Tree Gift

This was a quick project made at the last minute for my First Grader’s teacher at Christmas. With a little creativity, changing the L Monogram to an “M” and spelling out Mom, it would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Click here for instructions. 

Bonus)Funfetti Cake- Under $2 to Make!

 This cake is so simple and only two ingredients, three if you count a container of frosting! With a little supervision, your younger kids will get a kick out of making this for their Mom! You can find the directions here

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  2. Ooooh! Great round up, Erica! I especially love the little thumb print necklace or the butterfly feet painting. I made a rose painting for my mom in 1st grade and she still has it til this day. It always made me feel so good every time she brought it out at Mother’s Day.

    1. Thanks, Jyl! My Mom still has many of my homemade gifts in and around her house. It is always fun to see those things and how special they were/are to her! The thumbprint necklace has been shown to my husband a few times!! Huge hint!!

  3. Thanks for sharing my posts as well! I appreciate it! Always need more ideas for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!

    1. Can’t wait! In case I forget, please remind me here or @ericabuteau on Twitter so I can promote on my SM channels!

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