triple berry easter trifle

Here’s another old Pin that I pinned on Pinterest last year before I started actively blogging all of my food creations and life’s hymms and hawwss. 🙂 The recipe is pretty simple but the results are quite nice!

Triple Berry Easter Trifle!

Mix equal parts of Cool Whip and Vanilla Pudding.  Cut an angel food cake into cubes (could also use Pound Cake for this). Try sugar free pudding, Cool Whip and Pound Cake for a diabetic friendly recipe! 

Layer cubed angel food cake, half vanilla pudding, half cool whip mixture, fresh or frozen mixed berries (I used frozen raspberry, strawberry and blueberry), repeat. Top with fresh fruit! Yum!

Amounts will vary depending on either what you have on hand or how big you want your trifle! Have fun with this and be creative!


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6 thoughts on “Triple Berry Easter Trifle #Recipe #Food #Easter

      1. would you recommend adding chocolate sauce or chopped candy bar to this trifle? what about premade cheesecake filling?

        1. I don’t think the chocolate would hurt but I probably wouldn’t. Of course, you do get the chocolate with the bunny if you choose and could break that up and crumbled over the top of each serving. I like the premade cheesecake filling idea – I’d probably use it in place of the pudding in the recipe. This trifle is so versatile and easy! Mix up the fruits, use fresh or frozen, try pound or sponge cake, etc. make it your own and have fun with it!

          1. the reason i ask is cause some of my family likes chocolate and i am making this trifle for a large family and i thought just adding something a little extra would not hurt. but i like the idea of adding the chocolate peices on the top. thanks.

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