If you are looking for an excellent, educational and true-to-life book to add to your child’s Kindle collection, this is a MUST BUY at only $2.99!! If you are an Amazon Prime member, you may also borrow this book for free! The author also occasionally places the book on Free Promo’s, about twice per month, so keep an eye out! The next free promo download for Coral Reefs is March 4th but, seriously, for $2.99, why wait?

I was so excited when I received an email from the author, Monika Mira about her newly released book, Coral Reefs since falling in love with her children’s books a few weeks ago when I first reviewed Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles. I have to say, just like the last book, I, and my kids are mesmerized by the images in these books and the way Mira makes science fun!

coral reefs

Everything you have ever wanted to know about Coral Reefs is in this book. What are they? Are they dead or alive? Do they eat? Where can you find them? Why are they important? What kind of creatures are found in coral reefs? What’s a Nudibranch? So Cool! And, finally, what are the main threats to Coral Reefs, why do we care and how can we help? Answers to all of these questions and MANY more! The book even includes a glossary with links from the terms within the text to the glossary for further explanation.  Overall, the book is extremely informative for someone interested in learning more about Sea Life, doing a book report or just sharing educational stories with their children. The images, as I expected, were beautiful and true to life photographs! I just love Mira’s style!

Book Description (From Amazon)

Publication Date: February 20, 2013
Did you know that coral reefs make up less than one percent of our oceans, yet they are home to nearly a quarter of all marine species? Explore the many wonders of coral reefs in this beautifully illustrated Kindle ebook. On your journey through the underwater world of CORAL REEFS, you will learn about the different types of reefs, what coral is and how it feeds, where you can find coral reefs, and the amazing sea life that lives there. You will also discover the importance of coral reefs, what threatens coral reefs, how humans are intimately connected to coral reefs, and what you can do to help protect them. This is an important read before heading out into the ocean in Hawaii. The author also includes many tips for reef etiquette and perpetuating an attitude of stewardship.

Monika Mira is a former teacher and an award-winning textbook author who has a background in the biological sciences. That background is clearly demonstrated in this book. We are looking forward to reading her other books including listed below.

HAWAII’S GREEN SEA TURTLES (Read my Review of this book here)

Did you know that relatives of sea turtles have been around since the age of the dinosaurs? Or that sea turtles were hunted to the brink of extinction before gaining protection under the Endangered Species Act? Explore the fascinating underwater world of Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles in the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers. Kids of all ages will enjoy the beautiful photographs while learning how they can help protect these graceful and beloved animals.

The Science and Nature Series is written by a former teacher and an award-winning textbook author who has a background in the biological sciences. Each book provides a supplementary resource for units on Spiders, Fish, Coral Reefs, and Sea Turtles. Recommended for middle school children ages 9-12. Add them to your school or home school curriculum today.


Award-winning author, Monika Mira brings you a repetitive rhyming story about ocean animals that encourages early reading skills and answers the burning questions that the inquisitive minds of young children tend to ask about the world around us. The rhythmic verse is accompanied by captivating collage illustrations that introduce children to sea creatures like whales, dolphins, sharks and starfish and introduces some more unusual animals like the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Banded Coral Shrimp. Recommended for Ages 2-5.


Did you know that spider silk is stronger than steel of the same thickness? Or that the venom from a Black Widow is more powerful a Rattle Snake’s? Did you know that the Kauai Cave Spider is blind and that it can only be found in a few caves on the Island of Kauai? Learn all about the mysterious world of SPIDERS in the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers.

FUN FISH FACTS for KIDS ($2.99 Kindle Edition)

Did you know that male seahorses give birth? Or that Parrotfish can make sand? Did you know that some fish are in danger of disappearing from our oceans forever? Discover the fascinating world of marine fishes and learn how you can help protect sea life in Fun Fish Facts for Kids, part of the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers.

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