Twenty-three year old Robin Thomas of may not realize this yet, but, he’s about to experience some pretty big changes in his life. That’s my prediction and I’d almost guarantee it! Robin has designed one of the most innovative, cool, and useful products I’ve seen in a very long time. A product that just about anyone can find a use for! The Noteboard. I was so excited about receiving this in the mail and even I didn’t realize just how much I was going to LOVE this thing!! As a Mom, as an Associate Professor of Technology, as a blogger…I can find so many ways to use the Noteboard! I don’t really know where to start to tell you about this product, I’m just so excited about it!!!

Okay, lets start with the price. This amazing thing is JUST $12 on Amazon! It’s three or four times the size of the whiteboard that I bought for my home office for $20 and its portable! Sure, I could lug around my little whiteboard if I want to, but I can’t put it in my purse! Or even in my pocket. Can you tell I love this thing yet?? Even the packaging is cute!

noteboard in bag

Product Features

  • Folds up from 35″ x 15″ to the size of an index card
  • Seven index card-sized panels by five, so you can use it as a calendar
  • Printed on one side with a square-inch, square-centimeter, and hexagonal-inch grid; blank white on the other
  • Includes a machine-washable microfiber pouch that also functions as an eraser for large areas of marker
  • Includes a dry-erase marker with an attached eraser
  • Made in the USA!
  • Custom-printing and wholesale rates available

Some creative ways to use the Noteboard:

writingsketchingpresentingstoryboardinghitchhiking signplacematblankettiny tent

Yes, hitchhiking is on the list. Although I don’t really recommend that you hitchhike, I would like to share the interesting story about how the Noteboard came to light:

Robin’s Story

I dropped out of Stanford in March of 2011, halfway through my Junior year, to enlist in the US Marine Corps and pursue the “real world” education I’d been missing. I went to Boot Camp in May and was discharged from the Marines a whopping six months later. Shortly after graduating from Boot Camp I got diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder which is a dischargeable mental condition. To await discharge, I was placed in a holding platoon of other very-junior Marines who were getting discharged for various mental, medical, or legal reasons (which is a story in and of itself).

I had big visions of hitchhiking back home to Ohio from Camp Pendleton in southern California, even though I’d never hitchhiked before. I’d need some kind of sign to show passing drivers my destination, but cardboard is heavy and fragile and can only be used once. “What I need,” I thought, “is a portable whiteboard.” I scoured the Internet for a week looking for one that was portable enough and was blown away that none seemed to exist.

Marines use packing tape and index cards for lots of different things, and one day I noticed packing tape made a dry-erase surface. So I “laminated” a bunch of index cards together with the tape and found I’d made a dry-erase board I could fold up and stick in my pocket.

Another cool feature? YOU can make money folding and selling Robin’s Noteboards!

How it works:

  1. You buy Noteboards for only $2.50 each.
  2. I send you the Noteboards, the pouches, and the markers.
  3. You fold up the Noteboards yourself and stuff them in the pouches with the markers.
  4. You sell them completely on your own terms and keep 100% of the profits.

No contracts. No quotas. Sell the Noteboards to whoever you want, however you want, for however much you want. You don’t owe me anything.

Noteboards can even be customized for your business with anything you want printed on the package!