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Not having a dishwasher has become a part of life for my family. We had one before we moved into this house and it took a while to adapt. I am forever soaking dishes and then forgetting about them or having to run out so that by the time I go back to the sink I have a sink full of ice cold greasy water. And, then I need to put my hands in it to unplug the sink, drain the water and refill it all over again. So, when I had the opportunity to receive a free Sink Magic Portable Water Diverter for review purposes, I jumped on it!

When I received the Sink Magic I noticed two small O-Rings in the box. I wasn’t sure if I needed to add them to the Sink Magic so I emailed and quickly received a response that these are spares for “many years from now” when the installed ones need to be replaced. Cool! Putting the Sink Magic together is a breeze. I actually had my 11 year old daughter do it! She didn’t have any trouble at all! Best line of the video and highlight of the entire review:

Me: “Kendra, do you like washing dishes?” Kendra: “I do now because we have the SinkMagic! Me: “That IS Magic!” Also, although it didn’t make the video, I asked Kendra why she was wearing gloves. She said, “Because it says to on the box.” The woman on the product box IS wearing gloves. LOL! She takes things VERY literal!!

Here are my takeaways:

  • Allows you to soak your dishes then come back and refresh the water just by adding hot water
  • Saves water by allowing you to rinse with water right over the sink that you are washing dishes in (no stream straight down the drain)
  • Eliminates overflows from accidentally leaving the water running to fill up a plugged sink then running off distracted
  • Purchase of this product supports small business!


  • The directions on the box could be improved or written on an insert
  • Difficult to catch food bits without a garbage disposal installed when draining sink. (Will check to see if I can use my drain basket with this. That would help)
  • Regular retail price is around $39.95. I wouldn’t pay this much. However, its available on the site now for $29.95 (better, though I would probably prefer to see this at the $20 price point but I’m FRUGAL!)

Overall, I’m quite pleased with this product and will continue to use it in place of my regular sink drain. I certainly have been known to forget I’m filling a sink when I’m trying to multitask. Eliminating the overflow issues is enough of a reason to make this product truly worth it to me! In the video, you will see the Sink Magic pop out of the drain, it was because it was a little too soapy. I haven’t had any trouble with leaking since!

More About Sink Magic:

The Following Information is for Informational Purposes Only. These claims are not mine. This is taken directly from the Sink Magic Website:



With SinkMagic™ you will turning the mundane task of dish washing into a short, easy and fun experience with many other benefits!


Greatly reduced scrubbing of plates and other items which equals faster washing time! Efficiency is magnified to a higher level using the power of water through the soaking!


Fast and easy task completion negates the need to buy anymore disposable plates and other wares thus saving the user a lot of money per year!


With the simple and easy use of SinkMagic™ – Portable Sink Water Diverter you can save at least 40 gallons water per day and help to conserve our water.

4 thoughts on “Sink Magic Dish-washing Device Review

  1. Hi Erica,  I am impressed with you and kendra’s first sink magic evaluation. I want you to have a better experience with

    sink magic. First you notice that the plug tends to pop out, you need to leave it plug in after using to train the rubber plug to soften and conform and prevent popping out.  second, , i noticed the intake was too high and too close to the sink rim , you need to shorten the accordion (not too much, just 1 inch to bring water level lower) by boiling , compressing about 1 inch, setting in cold water. pls watch this video:

        If you do not have a garbage grinder / disposer, it will be very helpful to have a strainer  of choice. pls watch video :

       another type of strainer. pls watch video:

    Just like a plug only better:


    I read your review and I’m  happy to see that it solved your problem with your soaking dishes. Now more reaching down to drain dirty  and cold water! That is priceless. Thanks for the wonderful evaluation! I hope you can put more wonderful ideas of using sink magic in videos with kendra out there. It will be a great help to all busy moms out there.

    Best regards,



  2. I’m glad you are starting to enjoy using sink magic, that is the whole idea of this invention, to take the hate and trouble out of dishwashing for all the moms and teenagers out there by making is easy, fast, and convenient ! You’ll find out over the weeks, you will find many other uses of sink magic like thawing large frozen meat in temperature regulated (by you) water, washing dirty backyard harvested produce , multi-baby bottles soaking (for friends of yours who have babies) giving a safe baby bath, plus a lot more. You struck the nail on the head when you whe able to teach Kendra a quick and easy fun way of washing, now you don’t have to worry about washing the dishes too much because you have a willing helper from now on! Lol Always have a great experience with sink magic!

  3. Thanks for the very professional- looking sink magic product review! You have a great talent and thank you for sharing it with us and the community!

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