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Our home bathrooms are often functional places with all the essentials to practice good personal hygiene. But what if your home bathroom could be so much more than that? Wouldn’t it be great if your practical bathroom could become a soothing home spa where you could pamper yourself and ease your worries? Here are some easy ways to turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa without losing all of those essentials that you need to keep clean. 

Declutter and Add Storage

You’ll never feel like you are at a spa if you are surrounded by clutter and mess. So, make sure your bathroom is clean and tidy and that you have a cleaning routine that’s easy to stick to. Then, make sure any additions and materials are easy to keep clean, and you have enough storage to keep things tidy easily. 

Add Plants

Houseplants are soothing. They can improve the air quality, add interest to the décor, and even improve your mental health. Adding a few houseplants to the bathroom can make a big difference. 

Use Natural Materials

Natural elements like wicker baskets, wooden shelves and chairs, and stone accessories and decorations can add a lovely touch to your home spa bathroom. 

Utilise Colour Carefully

Too much colour can overwhelm the eye, especially if your bathroom is small. Light, bright walls can make the room feel cleaner and brighter, but they can be a little boring. Add pops of brighter colours to your accessories and consider swapping chrome fixtures for copper or rose gold to add warmth to the space. 

Prioritise Luxury Items

Luxury items can include everything from a modern spa bath with massage jets to fluffy white towels and robes. You certainly don’t need them all and should shop to suit your budget and priorities, but a few luxury essentials that you love will always help your home bathroom to feel more like a spa. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

If your lighting is dull and dark, your bathroom will struggle to look fresh and clean. Upgrading to brighter bulbs and cleaner, lighter fittings will help the room to look bright, fresh, and peaceful. 

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Sometimes, the finishing touches, like a decadent Scottish candle from Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers, a luxury fluffy towel, and your favourite bubble bath, make the biggest difference to your bathing experience. 

Check Your Senses

A spa should treat all your senses, so your bathroom needs to do the same. Things like Scottish candles and bath products can offer gorgeous aromas, your décor can be eye-catching, and the products that you use will soothe your skin. But you should also think about adding plenty of soft textures and the sounds you’d like to hear while you relax. A bath time playlist can be a nice touch. You can even add a side table to take your favourite drinks and treats into the bathroom to get taste covered. 

Things like a spa bath and rainforest shower can be a great way to create a peaceful spa at home, but the décor and finishing touches can also make a big difference. 

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