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There are many ways in which blogging helps your business. There are way too many to list here, in fact. And there are entire books written about this useful and valuable subject. But for a quick reference, here are some of the most useful for a new or existing business venture.

Driving Traffic to Your Business Site

Whether your company is new or established, online or offline, you need traffic. And this can be website traffic or foot traffic. A blog helps you increase both of these. For online traffic, you can have your site rank higher using an attached niche-relevant blog. And you can drive foot traffic using local SEO and contact details on your blog and website. You can also use WordPress maintenance plans to leave it to the experts and ensure you focus on running your business.

Attracting New Customers

Like driving traffic, a blog will help you attract new customers. The more content you produce, the greater the chances of someone finding your business. You can then drive this incoming traffic to your business side of the website. For example, if you operate an online eCommerce store selling DIY tools, you can write blog posts about gardening, installing BBQs, and seasonal maintenance. These are the things people will be searching for, and you can take advantage.

Blogging Helps Your Business with Transparency

It is often the case that a business is more or less closed off from its customers. Many companies have a website. But they don’t all have a blog. And in these cases, the website is nothing more than an online business card. And this is a shame because your website domain is going to waste. You can use your domain for blogging about your mission, what you offer, and how you can help clients. Additionally, you can get over others with a better online presence.

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Engaging with Customers and Clients

Customer engagement is vital for a modern business. And modern customers expect some kind of interaction online. A blog helps you connect with users by offering content that is useful to them. But it also offers connection through help systems such as Live Chat features and even conversation using your blog post’s comments section. These are generally easy to manage with spam filters. And you will be alerted when someone makes a comment, like social media.

Boosts Your Social Media Profile

Further to social media, a blog can help you engage more by connecting to your chosen platform. And vice versa, of course. This can be a powerful way to drive sales. This is why 55% of B2B marketing agencies consider blogs the best way to funnel customers. Combined with the 4 billion social media users, it doesn’t take a math genius to see the benefits. Most site builders include easy ways to place social sharing interaction buttons on your company blog. 


Blogging helps your business in various ways that users expect. It can help drive online and foot traffic, show customers how you can help them, and boost your social media online presence.