Massive profits, and endless opportunities, is possible even when the economy is sluggish. The On-demand Industry is gaining momentum and Super Apps are the driving force.

Apps like Gojek have been the most favored app of entrepreneurs globally. The on-demand economy is expanding quickly, and by the end of 2025, it is expected to reach a value of $338 billion. Regularly, around 39% of all US citizens use on-demand services. 

What Is Gojek Application?

In Indonesia, Gojek first established itself as a provider of motorcycle rides. They initially had only 20 motorcycle riders, but over time, that number doubled, and they are now able to provide a variety of on-demand services, from handyman work to transportation. Being the top app for on-demand services, GoJek is promoted. Payment is deducted from the card or made in cash as the consumers obtain the necessary services.

Gojek Clone KingX Pro offers 101+ On-demand Services

A total of 101+ services are covered by this all-inclusive on-demand multi-services app solution.

The development of these apps has changed the economic environment. They have swept through every industry, from supermarket delivery to handyman services to hotel booking to online banking. There are different apps for different on-demand services available on Google, indicating potential business opportunities. What if you launched an all-in-one business? 

In this cut-throat competition, Gojek Clone KingX Pro with 7 new components will put you one step ahead. It is highly customizable and is ready to launch immediately.

The Brand New Components Of Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023

  1. Buy, and Sell Real-estate

Those who want to buy or sell real estate can register and gain access to the properties listed under 10 distinct categories using this component. Sellers can list their real estate requirements in the module under one of ten categories, including residential apartments, farms, warehouse godowns, industrial sheds, industrial structures, service flats, store showrooms, and house villas. 

The administrator can add as many as 10 new categories from the Admin Panel because these categories are dynamic. Sellers may post property details in either free or premium plan packages. As a result, by positioning property owners’ posts at the top, the premium plan packages will boost the business’s revenue.

  1. Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

This module is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to sell or rent their cars. It does away with the necessity for a middleman and the need of paying a brokerage. The buyer and seller will connect for further discussion after the seller posts their needs. 

The seller can take advantage of paid plan packages that enable them to get their post published under a prominent category to gain greater attention and seal the deal quickly. These paid plan packages add substantial income to the business.

By advertising their car under the following categories—sedan, luxury, convertibles, MUVs, SUVs, freight trucks, sports, and hatchbacks—the seller can sell and rent their automobiles. Through the admin panel, the administrator can add up to 10 categories.

  1. Buy, Sell, and General Items

Users of your site will be able to post descriptions of the things they are renting or selling. Buyers can contact the seller after shortlisting an item. The seller can benefit from the Premium plan package, which enables them to list their Item in a featured category for more visibility if they want to consummate the deal swiftly. In this manner, the app’s owner generates large income from the subscription plan options.

  1. Carpooling

It is a peer-to-peer carpooling service that enables registered users to post information about their travel plans, including location, date, time, available seats, route, and cost per seat. Users must confirm by making an in-app purchase if they want to travel to the same place. Vehicle owners make money by getting paid per seat, and you, as App One, get paid a commission for every seat reserved through the app.

  1. On-demand Medical services

Your consumers may access medical care whenever they need it, wherever they are. We think receiving medical care shouldn’t be challenging. An all-inclusive healthcare solution, which provides a variety of medical services through a single app, is introduced by the Gojek Clone KingX Pro App.

Your users have the option of making in-person or clinic appointments for medical care with their preferred providers. Also, individuals can book an Online Video Consultation and receive medical care from the convenience of their home or workplace. In addition to this, your users can connect with on-demand physiotherapists, pharmacy shops, veterinary services, and ambulance services from the neighborhood.

Payment is received in the form of commissions, subscription fees, delivery costs, etc. for each medical service that is reserved.

  1. Explore nearby businesses

It enables your users to browse the surrounding businesses of that specific place while they are on the move. The app administrator can advertise free or premium plan packages for companies to be included under ten distinct categories, including cafes, libraries, spas, shops, bars, malls, gyms, nightlife, and salons.

Businesses using the premium plan will receive priority placement at the top of the list.

  1. Track family members and employees

Users can now track real-time their family members as well as employers can track their employees during work hours on Google Maps. Installing the app on their devices is necessary for meeting the requirements, though. When necessary, the module preferences can be disabled.

Final Wrapping

Several On-Demand Services Gojek-like apps are not going anywhere. Business success depends on having something unique and useful to provide. This cutting-edge technology has been launched by Our Gojek Clone KingX Pro to help you win the corporate race. It’s time to invest in this Super App and its unique offer that no other businessperson is making.