Whether you’re coming home from a business trip or a vacation, the journey back can be just as hectic as the one there. But with some planning, you can make your return flight much smoother sailing. Here are some simple hacks to help you out.

Check the weather conditions at your destination before you leave to ensure a smooth flight.

When flying somewhere, it’s always a good idea to check the weather conditions at your destination before heading to the airport. This way, you will know everything you need for a safe, uncomfortable flight. Before boarding that plane, make sure you know your destination’s time zone, what type of weather is expected, and if there are any delays or changes due to inclement weather. This may seem simple, but it can save you from dealing with turbulence and other safety concerns during flight. Being informed about the current conditions at your destination can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth trip for everyone.

Ensure you have all the documents you need for your journey, including your passport and boarding pass.

If you’re about to embark on a journey, one of the most important things you must do is ensure you have all the documents you’ll need. Whether it’s your passport or boarding pass, ensure each paper is valid and collected before setting off. You wouldn’t want to have scrambled and checked in at the airport only to discover that you’ve forgotten your passport and have to miss out on your trip! Remember to check for the proper times for completing any necessary forms or checks if required. Before long, you’ll be off on your way!

You can pack light – bring only what you need on the plane.

Flying can often be a stressful experience. One way to reduce that stress is to remember to pack light and bring only essentials in your carry-on or personal item. This reduces the hassle of dragging around too much luggage and lets the traveler focus on what’s important – getting to their destination. It’s best practice to keep electronics, like phones, laptops, and tablets, close at hand, so they are easily accessible while passing through security. Additionally, snacks are a great way to keep your energy up during long flights – but double-check whether snacks are allowed in your bag! Making sure you pack smart is essential for a fantastic flight experience no matter where you’re going.

Dress comfortably in layers to adjust to changing temperatures during the flight.

Flying can be a tricky proposition when it comes to keeping comfortable. Before you board your flight, use the power of layering to stay warm and cozy in the air. Pick clothes that are light enough for warmer temperatures but keep you from freezing if you go up higher and the temperatures drop. Wear items that can be added or removed easily, like a hoodie, light jacket, or scarf – all of which are easy to carry onboard. That way, no matter what temperature swings occur during your flight, you’ll have what you need to battle them!

Prep for the airport and make the pre-flight easier

Preparing for your flight home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time, taking an airport shuttle coupon beforehand. If you’re going through airport security, unpack all devices and remove any jewelry to make it go quickly – remember to empty your pockets! Consider checking in online before you leave home, saving you time during airport lines and allowing you to avoid airport staff altogether. Once onboard your flight, stuff your carry-on bag under the seat or in the overhead bin – if there’s extra space in the overhead bins, use it! These small changes can make your travel experience much easier and more enjoyable, so take advantage of them!

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol or caffeine.

Staying hydrated isn’t just about being prepared for a hot summer day at the beach – it’s essential for maintaining healthy body functions. Plenty of water in your everyday diet can help ensure your body receives the fluids to keep your cells healthy and strong. Avoid (or eliminate) alcohol and caffeine from your diet, as their dehydration-inducing effects can work against your short and long-term health goals. You can easily manage your hydration levels by proactively drinking more whenever you feel thirsty. So remember to stay ahead of the game and keep those H2O levels up!

Stretch your legs and move around every few hours to avoid stiffness and soreness.

Taking regular breaks to stretch your legs and move around is a great way to reduce stiffness and soreness. This can happen when you sit or stand in one spot for too long without moving. By stretching and moving just a few times per hour, your body and muscles can stay loose and relaxed – even if you’re stuck ‘in the same spot’ for hours at a time! Every little movement helps, so getting up from your chair, shifting your weight from one foot to the other, or reaching your arms above your head is enough. Your tight muscles will thank you in the end – so take a few moments here and there throughout the day for well-deserved breaks!

Overall, preparing for your flight doesn’t have to be stressful when you keep these tips in mind. Remember to check the weather conditions and ensure you have all the documents needed for your journey.  Bring light luggage and dress comfortably with items that can be layered easily during varying temperatures. Opt for water over alcohol or caffeine to ensure proper hydration throughout the flight. And finally, avoid stiffness and soreness by getting up frequently to stretch your legs and move about during your trip. These precautions will help ensure a smooth flight and make it more enjoyable.