An aircraft engineering company is a type of aviation company that manufactures, repairs, and overhauls aircraft. The company has its manufacturing plant and is producing new aircraft and refurbishing and modifying aircraft already in service. To correctly manage a significant engineering task such as this one, you must purchase a few items when starting this business. You need to understand the various tools you will require to manufacture and modify the different parts of the aircraft appropriately. Here are 7 items to purchase when starting an aircraft engineering company:

Aircraft Engineering Manuals

The aircraft engineering manual is one of the most important resources a company will have while producing aircraft. The plane manufacturer gives you a set of detailed specifications on how to make your plane, and these manuals will be used to work with these specifications. You will need these manuals when you are training your staff on how to manufacture a new plane properly, and they will also be used when making changes or modifications to an existing plane.

Aircraft Computer-Aided Design Software

The company will need computer-aided design software or CAD system when manufacturing the new plane. This software will be used to design the plane and create detailed blueprints of the aircraft you want to build. You must purchase a good set of CAD systems since they are critical to the success of your business.


The CMM stands for coordinate measuring machine. This tool is used to help companies make the necessary measurements that are required to manufacture a plane. When running an engineering company, you will have to measure all of the different parts and systems of the aircraft, and this will be done with a CMM. To measure these parts accurately, you must ensure your company has one of these machines in its store.

Density Meter

A density meter is a tool used to measure air density, which will be used in various situations. A density meter is essential when calculating the amount of fuel you will need to use during the manufacturing process, as well as when making any changes to an aircraft during the modification process. You must purchase a good set of density meters to measure these different variables correctly.

Aircraft Tools

Aircraft tools are designed to help the company manufacture planes. The company will use these tools to build the plane, and they need to ensure their tools are of high quality. To properly make the proper modifications and changes to an aircraft, you need to have a high-quality set of tools; otherwise, they will be ineffective and useless while attempting to change the plane. For example, aircraft jacks lift the plane so that you can adequately make changes to the plane. The company will need to purchase a good set of jacks and other tools to make alterations.

Aircraft Repair and Overhaul Manual

The aircraft repair and overhaul manual is something that a company will need when they are overhauling an aircraft. Overhauling generally involves repairing certain parts of the plane that have become unusable. You will need a good set of manuals to know how to repair these parts and make them usable again. This particular manual differs from the other manuals in that it contains more than just engineering information; it also has information about how to make all the repairs on the plane.

Scalers and Wrenches

Scalers and wrenches will be necessary to help the company change and modify the plane. The company will need them to attach different pieces of equipment properly and to deconstruct large parts of the plane. They also need these tools to repair another company’s planes by performing repairs on their planes before sending them back for complete overhauls. When starting a company, you must purchase a good set of these tools to change planes successfully.


To properly manufacture and modify a plane, you must have these tools in your arsenal. Some of these items are mandatory to run a successful company; with them, you can adequately make the modifications a company is expected to do. Ensure you understand the details of these different tools, as they will be necessary for your business’s success.