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So, you’ve decided that you’re prepared to bring your first companion home. Congratulations! Asking yourself these questions and using this checklist will help you determine whether you and your house are prepared because many pet adoption centers demand a home visit before adoption.

How to Pet-Proof Your Home

First, before you’re ready to have a pet in your home, make sure that your home is safe enough for the pet! Examine the areas and closets where you store your shoes, dirty clothes, and any cosmetics or personal care items your cat or dog might access. To ensure your pet cannot reach certain items, store them high up, in drawers, or behind doors secured with ties.

Make sure any fireplaces you have are covered with a grate or shield. If your new cat becomes too curious, you might need to make the area with the fireplace off-limits. If you have a tiny kitten, make sure your staircases are covered, too, just like your bar them for children.

Keep all your cleaning supplies, chemicals, equipment, plastic bags, sharp objects, and matches out of the reach of curious cats or in cabinets or closets they can’t access. Cleaning supplies can get very dangerous because many toxic chemicals are dangerous for most animals. Similarly, many plants may become toxic too. To prevent your puppy from being enticed to chew on the leaves or flowers of the plants, move them off the floor or place them behind furniture. Lilies, azaleas, irises, sago palms, and tulips are a few houseplants that are harmful to animals.

Keep expensive vases and table lamps, as well as commonly used things like phones, iPads, and remote controls, out of the reach of your pet. This precaution is more for you!  

Checklist For Goods for your Pet

Litter Box

Regardless of what animal you decide to get, you must make sure they are house-trained so your pet isn’t developing bad habits. If you plan on getting a cat, invest in a modern cat litter box. Cats learn quickly and they should be able to adjust in no time. If you plan on getting a dog, make training pads useful while hour-training so they can slowly develop a routine.

Heat Pads

Whether your new pet has a troubled past or is a brand newborn kitten, the first night in a new home is bound to be complicated. Make sure you make a move comfortable by providing them with a warm bed. Heat pads can often help make your new friend feel warm and cozy.

Scratching Posts

Did you know cats have the instinct to scratch? Yes, all the scratch marks on your arms are not because your cats want to kill you secretly, but it’s how they play. Sure, your arm will heal, but scratches on the kitchen counter, the new table, or the furniture might be irrecoverable damage. Invest in a scratch post to ensure you and your cat can be at peace.

Pet Food

As a new pet owner, pet food might not always be on your grocery list. However, it is not great if your pet is hungry first thing in the morning and you have nothing to offer. Buy in bulk since it can be much cheaper for you and better for your pet always to have food available.

How to Prepare Your Family

As a family, visit the pet shop or shop online to select your upcoming pet’s new leash, bowls, blankets, and toys. Even though it’s a good idea to have all the essential pet supplies on hand when your pet arrives, going to the pet store together will help everyone psychologically get ready for what lies ahead. If your baby arrives after your pet, you might have to prepare your dog.

Establish a schedule for your new pet’s care and designate roles. Everyone should know their responsibilities and the days they are expected to complete them before their pet comes. If you don’t, your pet might skip meals, walks, or playtime, which won’t make them very happy. Establishing a schedule in advance will also help everyone in the family, particularly the younger members, understand what a huge responsibility owning a pet is.


Ask for guidance from other pet owners if you’re feeling overwhelmed by being a new pet owner. Having a cat is a beautiful way to get involved in your community and build relationships based on a shared love of a furry friend. You will unavoidably meet other local pet owners walking with your new canine.