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When you’re building a brand, you’d be cheating yourself out of major growth if you refused to incorporate digital marketing strategies. To be the most effective, it’s best to know the various digital marketing strategies that are available. Granted, you don’t need to incorporate all the strategies to be successful. However, if you consider at least one of the following five strategies, you can experience a great deal of success.

1. Video Marketing

If you take a close look at any social media platform, it’s clear that video marketing is a major part of it. Video marketing shows up in various forms such as user-generated campaign ads, product demonstrations, and more. It’s a great way for a brand to connect with the consumer in a more palpable way.

When you’re communicating with a medium like a video, it’s easier to do demonstrations of products, connect on an emotional level and explain the brand in a different dimension. Whether you produce YouTube videos, commercials or social media ads, video marketing can be a really powerful tool for any company to use within their digital marketing efforts.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is probably one of the most popular marketing strategies. It’s also pretty simple to learn digital marketing online with this method. It’s also changed the landscape of the way so many industries function. To get started, all you need is a smartphone and a business account on the app of your choice. As you look through the platform and see which strategies work best for brands within your niche, develop effective messaging and a strong online presence.

Consider your target audience when you’re figuring out which platform you’d like to use. If you’re looking for the Baby Boomers, you’ll typically see them hanging out on a platform like Facebook. However, if you’re looking for a Generation Z, TicTok is definitely a place to make your focal point. Between hashtags, video content, and consistent live broadcasts, you can quickly build a following that is engaged and ready to take advantage of whatever product or service your company provides.

3. Email Marketing

While social media platforms are incredibly effective, they also have glitches. Whenever a platform like Instagram or Facebook goes down for the day, this directly impacts many brands and their ability to make money. This is one of the main reasons why every company should always include an email marketing strategy within their business. Always find ways to directly connect with your consumer. By maintaining an email marketing strategy, you can send newsletters, coupons, and updates regarding your company. If you want to gain feedback and do some market research, tap into your email list in order to see if you can get willing volunteers to connect with your brand. They’ll help you gain insight into how to serve your target audience better. Once you’ve collected the email addresses, your company has direct access to them. There’s no longer a middleman that you’ll have to worry about appeasing in order to maintain contact with that consumer.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization isn’t for anyone looking for a quick fix. It requires a considerable amount of time in order to gain results. This is primarily because you’re using keyword research and optimization in order to attract the right customers to your website. When you partner with search engines such as Google, the algorithms need to learn to trust the content you’re providing on your website.

In order to make that happen, you need to be consistent with the keywords you use in order to make sure you show up on the first page of Google searches. This process can easily take anywhere from six months to a year to really see results. However, this is an excellent way to gain organic traffic and leads that’ll go directly to your website long after you create the content.

5. Earned Media Marketing

In a lot of spaces, the concept of earned media marketing isn’t really talked about as much. Yet, it’s incredibly valid and effective when it’s a focal point. Earned media marketing is more in the hands of the people who talk about your brand. It’s essentially word-of-mouth marketing. Earned media marketing includes the reviews that people leave on Google about your brand. It includes the recommendations and mentions that other large influencers and companies provide their audiences with about your brand. If your business doesn’t have a Google business page, this is essential. When you’ve optimized your Google business page, this gives people an opportunity to review your business publicly. The more positive Google reviews your company has, the more respected and trusted your brand will appear.


When you’re building a formidable brand, know that digital marketing can be an incredibly valuable force in gaining new customers and increasing profitability. By curating the right digital marketing strategies, you’ll ensure your brand maintains staying power for years to come.