Your company is precious to you, and you certainly want it to be necessary to others. A customer may visit a website page that doesn’t even seem to load correctly and immediately get exhausted. So how do you captivate potential consumers right away? Simple: read ahead to find out what signs indicate your website needs improvement.

Signs Your Website Needs Improvement

Low Customer Traffic

Customer traffic on a website refers to how people are on your website in live time. These could be people checking out products or doing simple window shopping. A high customer traffic rate would mean many customers are present on your site at the same time. However, a low customer traffic rate would state the opposite.

Why is your traffic low? There can be many reasons. Firstly, customers are unaware that your site exists, so obviously, you aren’t marketing it correctly. Have you compared your traffic statistics to a typical day compared to when you’re on a sale? Maybe you need to readjust your product pricing if there’s a stark difference.

Security Breaches

Is your website constantly having security breaches? Are you worried someone will gain access to the client’s data again? That means you need to revamp the security of your website. Make sure security, like a firewall, are always up and running.

It would help if you did this because your website may contain clients’ addresses and credit card information. Any such data breach and your brand and your customers are in deep waters. Other potential customers will think of your brand as shady or unsafe, and hence you will lose out entirely on your target audience.

Low Engagement

When talking about engagement, you should consider the bounce rate. A bounce rate is how many people leave your website after scanning the first page. With engagement, you must analyze how many people leave after window shopping.

Reasons for low engagement:

  • There are products that customers don’t want
  • Ingenuine pricing
  • Poor website layout


No one has the patience for a slow website. If your product takes minutes to load, it could be the best and utterly life-changing product, but no one will buy it. Here, your website could generally be slow or can’t tolerate high customer traffic, and both cases are red flags and require a revamp.

Not Optimized for Mobile Phones

Did you know the majority of Gen-Z and Millennials shop on their phone? That means your website layout should be optimized for mobile phones compared to laptops.

Benefits of an Upgraded Website

Improved Brand Image

When you walk into a physical outlet, and it’s dirty and there is mismanagement, you automatically assume the brand to be dirty and mismanaged. Why? Because the physical outlet represents the brand. The same thing holds for your online store or your website. If it is too slow, too complex, and difficult to scroll through, your customer’s perception of your brand will not be very good. Having a great ecommerce website development strategy will make a huge difference in your brand’s image.

Exponential Sales

With an improved and faster website, your bounce rate will decrease and lead to more significant sales. You will also end up making new customers. When websites perform well, there is great word of mouth and news, so you can expect products to get sold out. Such campaigns have people remember you and keep you in mind for next time. As a result, you get an exponential increase in sales.

Challenges with Upgrading a Website


Changing up your whole website will be costly. Depending on how much you need to change, you might exceed your budget. The thing is that with a complete change in theme, your customers may even lose familiarity and interest because of it. That is why you must hire a custom web design company that understands your brand and can design a website that would be most suitable to your message during a revamp.

Lose Customers

What do you do when you log into your favorite online store, and it is shut down temporarily? If the situation is urgent, you find another store to bring you the same product. Online markets have a lot of competition, and any temporary shutdown like this can make you lose customers to other brands. Who’s to say they’ll even come back when you’re up and running again?


There are countless things to consider when you decide to update your website. If, after reading the warning signs described above, you thought, “Yes, this describes my site,” then worry no more. Once you are aware of the need for improvement, it can be corrected and optimized.