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If you are looking to stream gaming content, you need to make a decent investment to draw in a noticeable audience. Provided below are several ideas and suggestions you should take into account when upgrading your gaming arrangement.


You need every part of your system to interact with as little latency as possible, which often means that you will need at least one or more HDMI accessories for your gaming room. While streaming PC games is relatively simple, your cable situation requires a bit more equipment if you want to stream gameplay from a video game console or a really old television.


Mounting your gaming display gives you two major benefits: you can improve your posture and clear up a lot of space on your desk by tethering your display to a wall. Having a multi-monitor setup also means that you can easily multitask; streaming content becomes less of a chore when you can place the game’s monitor into most of your focus and the stream chat off to the side but not so far to the side that you might experience whiplash shifting back and forth. Mounts are an excellent way to manage your cables and often come equipped with extra ports.


You can have the best overlay in the world and it will not mean much if no one can see your face. You need enough light so that you show up while streaming and this need may cause you to go out and buy some materials to shape the lighting in your area to set the mood and presentation of your streams. It can be incredibly eye-pleasing to have some custom lighting setup in the background of your setup that either features your brand’s colors or switches colors in interesting ways.

A Quality Chair

As frequently as they show up on streams, a quality chair is ideal for the sort of long-term activity that streaming requires. That said, a gaming-centric chair is usually not the right call to make; you should look for a high-quality office chair that has an ergonomic design and feels nice to stay seated in for hours. Because ergonomic chairs are specifically engineered for long hours spent seated at a desk, quality office chairs have gained a whole new market demographic from streamers. These sorts of chairs minimize the strain that constantly sitting places on the hips, spine, and neck, especially if it features a neck rest. Just try to find one in a color that matches the colors you have associated with your streaming brand if any.

Bluetooth Controllers

Unless you exclusively stream PC games, it is a known fact that many brands of gaming controllers tend to have cables to connect them to their consoles. One of the main perks of a Bluetooth controller is that it can be used to play games without being tethered to your gaming rig. Every point of connection that you remove between you and your devices is one more point in the favor of your freedom to game how you want. While it is good to have a controller that only offers Bluetooth connectivity, some models offer customizable displays or superior grip over the default model. Some controllers even allow you to customize them with faceplates, giving you yet another avenue for you to improve your branding as a streamer.

HD Monitor

Having an HD monitor ensures that your games will play at top resolution with a quality frame rate. Here are the three aspects concerning HD monitors:

  • Panel. Most gaming monitors use vertical alignment (VA), in-plane switch (IPS), or twisted nematic (TN) paneling. IPS gives better colors and viewing angles, TN is budget-minded and low-latency and VA offers the best of both.
  • Refresh Rate. Monitors with low refresh rates can stutter and miss crucial moments. This trait is even less ideal with reflex-sensitive genres like racing and FPS games.
  • Screen Size. Monitors come in multiple sizes to suit different spaces and even come in curved varieties.

The Final Level

If you want a quality gaming setup, there are some common areas of improvement; consider your monitor, mounting for your monitor, your lighting, a wireless controller, an ergonomically-designed chair, and your cable needs.