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There is nothing better than college life and earning a degree in higher education. Where you choose to live is up to you. Some students prefer being in a dorm while others enjoy more freedom residing in off-campus housing, which offers more spacious accommodations and access right near downtown buildings, shopping, restaurants and public transportation. College housing experts are sharing their favorite tips on choosing the option that best suits your lifestyle.

Dorm VS Apartment

College enrollment is a big deal here in the United States, and you will have lots of company. For instance, about 7.3 million college students were enrolled in a four-year public institution in spring 2022. That comprised about 46% of students.

Every individual who is attending college has personal preferences, especially about where they want to reside during their term. When it comes to the dorm versus the apartment, there is no truly correct answer, but there are unique qualities from both that may appeal to you.

For most incoming freshmen, there usually isn’t a choice about where you will live for the first year. Most colleges require their freshmen students to live in a dormitory on campus.

Dormitory Living

A dorm offers benefits such as the presence of a resident advisor or RA, who resides there and helps students out with everyday issues to major emergencies. Also, dorm life provides the utilities you need at no cost and typically includes telephone, internet, cable, electricity and water services.

Some students who live the dorm life also like the social aspects provided as there’s something always going on, and you can meet new college friends, etc.

There are some complaints students make about “dorming,” and this generally points to a reduction in privacy. When you are living with one or two roommates, you lose personal space, and you’re sharing facilities and bathrooms/showers. You also get stuck with standard dorm furniture, which usually features a twin XL bed, desk and not-so-large closet.

Apartment Living

Off-campus living can be a blast, too, and offers some awesome advantages, and many students seem to prefer this alternative type of housing. When it comes to rules, you have more options if you choose places like Waterloo student housing or other complexes that offer things like fully furnished apartments.

Off-campus housing gives you a greater sense of freedom as a young person, and you can relax in a full kitchen, buy and make the kinds of meals and snacks you prefer and eat when you’re hungry. This can actually be cost-saving for a college student.

When your apartment is located in the center of town or close to where all of the action is, it’s quite impressive. You will be near public transportation to get you to class on time, or maybe you will be within walking distance to get to your courses with plenty of minutes to spare.

When it comes to your social life, living off-campus can have its benefits. First, you won’t have an RA breathing down your neck, and you can entertain guests and have people stay the night whenever you please. You can get the privacy you need and those quiet moments for studying.

Another plus to sharing an apartment with a roommate or two or more gives you some credentials. In other words, you’ll be able to establish your rental history at a young age. When you graduate from college, your past rental record may make it easier for you when seeking new accommodations as you begin your professional career.

Noisy/Active Students

It’s no secret that college students have the energy to burn whether they’re living in a dorm or residing off-campus. However, dorms present the most distractions day and night. That doesn’t bother every student, but it can ruin your sleep, studies and peace of mind.

Apartment living can help provide that balance of fun, play and study.

Going to college is a great asset, and education will never fail you. Living in a dorm or in an apartment off-campus are both excellent options. It depends on your personal preference. Hit the books, but have some fun!