Planning a trip and having everything set to go may be exhilarating, but it can quickly turn sour if you miss essential items or arrangements. So, before you go, ensure you have everything you need and have wrapped up any unfinished business that may disrupt your trip. 

If you travel frequently, ensure that you have these five must-haves.

A Portable Power Source

You’ll use your phone a lot more on your trip, whether checking in at airports, finding attractions, getting directions, staying in contact with loved ones back home, or snapping hundreds of photos. All of this uses up battery life, and taking time out of your sightseeing schedule to plug in your phone is inconvenient. Also, you never know when or if you’ll be next to a power source.

That’s why it’s smart to carry a battery pack everywhere. Portable battery packs store electricity for later use and are often inexpensive. It’s a good idea to spend your money on one that won’t only charge your phone once but can do so numerous times before requiring a recharge.

Water Bottle

A refillable bottle of water is a must-have for every trip. You should always have a water bottle with you on any kind of excursion, whether it’s a short walk or an all-day journey. 

If you’re in a nation where water is expensive, fill it up at your hotel. Similar concerns apply in areas where the quality of the public water supply is uncertain. Fill your bottle with fresh, filtered water. You are helping the planet and improving your health by taking these measures. 

When flying or traveling, it is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water. Water bottles can be bought almost anywhere, although they’re likely to be pricey in urban areas and hotels, and they may not be easily accessible in more remote or forested locations.

Portable Backpack

Consider getting a tactical duffel bag that provides you with the room you need for your things while traveling. You can put your equipment, hat, sunglasses, spare clothing, and toiletries into a duffel bag that is sure to be durable on your trip.

Adapter for Every Kind of Electrical Plug

This is information that is probably not new to you. Just in case you forgot: bring an adaptor for your electronics overseas. Most people forget to bring an adaptor when traveling internationally because they assume their electronics would work in any wall socket. However, the plugs in many countries are a different size from the ones at home.

There’s always the option of trying to purchase one when you get there, but they’re not always easy to come by or cheap. You may save time and money by bringing one before you go.

A Router

A mobile router may seem unnecessary, but they are good to have. As a result, a cable connection is nearly always guaranteed to be more reliable than a wireless one, particularly whether you’re on the road or in a remote region (especially in hotels).

Shopping Bags That Can Be Used Again

Never leave home without a sturdy nylon tote since you may use it for groceries that don’t provide free bags, dirty clothes until you can wash them, and souvenirs that won’t fit in your purse.

They come in various fabrics, hues, and patterns and are quickly becoming a must-have; they may even spice up your airport attire. Also, if the bag becomes soiled, you can easily wash it and reuse it after drying.

Foldable cloth bags are more durable than plastic or paper bags, so your mementos are safe from a bag bursting. Furthermore, you may save money by using a reusable handbag instead of paying for disposable plastic bags every time you go shopping. They’re also beneficial to the planet.


Preparing for a trip is never a picnic, but it’s worth it when you finally reach your destination. You may use this as a checklist before you head out on your next adventure.