Most people feel very strongly about their hair, and when hair loss starts happening, it can be a frightening and frustrating thing. Where do you turn to? What products really work? There are affordable remedies out there that can help you reverse hair loss, and with a little patience and consistent effort, you can experience healthy, new hair growth without needles or pain. Hair care experts are sharing their top recommendations.

Hair Loss Causes

When you begin to notice your hair is falling, you immediately want to know the cause so that you can halt further loss and get back to normal-looking hair. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), there are several reasons why you start losing hair.

Hereditary hair loss is the most common reason around the globe, and it can happen as male pattern or female pattern hair loss. It’s in your DNA, and as an adult, your hair follicles shrink and shut down the growth of hair.

There is also hair loss from a hormonal imbalance, a thyroid condition, medication, cancer treatment, chemical hair products, scalp psoriasis, alopecia areata (the immune system attacks the follicles), and more.

The great news is the large variety of affordable remedies you can try to reverse hair loss.

1. Topical Stimulating Formula

Many dermatologists recommend applying a fortifying hair loss serum that not only nourishes the follicle roots to make them stronger but a formula that adds fullness and body to your thinning hair.

Look for a stimulating topical that contains clean plant extracts and/or fruit stem cells with natural DHT blockers to stop hair loss. It’s safe for your scalp and strands and is expected to deliver results after a couple of months.

2. Biotin Supplement

There’s been tons of talk about the value of including biotin in your daily vitamin routine. Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 and can enhance the rate of follicle growth as it encourages fresh keratin production.

Some scientists believe that the best way to absorb biotin and have it work for you is through eating foods rich in this B vitamin. Some of these would include fish, eggs, meat, seeds, nuts, and vegetables.

Others, however, swear by taking biotin supplements daily. Many fans rave about biotin gummies, which are easy and enjoyable to consume. You can expect to see fuller, faster-growing hair in about four months.

3. Rice Water Treatment

Here is an ancient hair care recipe that comes from the Guangxi province of China, the Yao women of Huangluo village. Women there have been growing long, shiny beautiful hair for generations thanks to the special treatment they make from soaking or boiling rice. The starchy liquid is filled with nutrients that cleanse and condition the scalp and add strength to the hair with amino acids, which are considered the building blocks of hair.

4. Acupuncture

An expert in acupuncture can help you reverse hair loss by increasing blood flow and improving circulation in your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles. Research has found that this ancient Chinese medical practice has shown good results for women with female pattern hair loss.

The tiny needles are inserted into the scalp to activate specific trigger points that will encourage increased blood flow and balance in the body’s energies. Acupuncture experts recommend having at least ten sessions to see accurate results.

5. Scalp Massager

Massaging the scalp is another method of reversing hair loss. Some folks say it works if you’re patient and consistent in using it. Massaging the scalp feels fantastic, and relaxing and won’t harm you. Scalp massage can help in boosting blood flow to the scalp, minimizing hair loss and contributing to hair regrowth.

You can do this manually with your hands, or you can purchase a scalp massager, and there is a large variety of these hair aids on the market. Recent studies show that using a scalp massager can contribute to thicker hair, which is a plus.

Bottom Line

Your hair is your crowning glory, and when it looks good, you feel more self-confident. If you’re losing hair, consider the expert guidelines listed above. Try some of these remedies, and best of luck!