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Planning your wedding is a monumental rite of passage. If you have opulent visions of luxury and sophistication, there are many areas of your wedding that can bring those visions to life. From flowers to entertainment and venue to all the small details, luxury can shine through in every facet of your big day. Check out a few of the ways you can plan the most luxurious wedding in 2023.

Work With a Reputable Wedding Planner

If you’re looking to get off on the right foot when planning your wedding, a reputable wedding planner can get you started and see you through the whole process. While planning a wedding is both exciting and fun, it’s also time-consuming and oftentimes stressful. A great wedding planner can mediate the stressful moments to ensure your planning experience is as beautiful as your big day will be. Whether you’re keeping your wedding close to home or planning an epic destination wedding, a planner can iron out the details from catering to decor and everything in between.

Choose a Magnificent Venue

Undoubtedly, booking your wedding venue will set the tone for your season of wedding planning. From domestic to international settings, choosing a magnificent venue sets the stage for your luxurious wedding. Some of the top considerations to make when touring venues include breathtaking settings, incredible landscaping, impeccable service, divine food, magnificent architecture, and beyond. Step back and take in the overall setting and then pay close attention to all the details. Consider how the venue will uphold your own visions for decor, service, space, and layout. Even the most minute details can make all the difference between a run-of-the-mill venue and a luxurious one.

Book Live Music

Live music is a regal touch that adds a special something to your wedding day. Adding ceremony music played by a string quartet, a lively jazz band during cocktail hour, or a rocking band to play all the hits on the dance floor adds unparalleled opulence to your wedding. Besides the unique sound live music delivers, guests will be wowed by incredible entertainment that sets your wedding apart from others. Live music is an unexpected touch that elevates your guests’ experience. No luxury wedding is complete without the sounds of live instrumentalists and vocalists.

Flowers Galore

Symbolic of new beginnings and fidelity, flowers were first used to decorate weddings in ancient Rome. Flowers add color, richness, texture, and beauty to a wedding. What’s more, you can never overdo it with flowers. Lush centerpieces, perfectly placed arrangements, colorful bouquets, and beautiful archways are some of the many places you can plan to incorporate flowers in your wedding. Make sure to pore over florists’ look-books when selecting the perfect vendor for your big day. Selecting a florist who works with a floral designer is your best bet when choosing who to work with. The coupling of florist and designer will ensure the best quality stems arranged in the most masterful arrangements.

Plan a Grand Entrance & Send-Off

How do you envision arriving to your wedding ceremony? Gone are the days of the limousine arrival and here are the days of inventive entrances that will stun your guests. Your entrance to the ceremony is the first time most of your guests will get a glimpse at you, so make it a moment they won’t forget. From horse-drawn carriages to antique car rides, the possibilities are endless. Likewise, your send-off following the reception should be just as memorable. Imagine a full fireworks display as the backdrop of your send-off; what could be more luxurious? There are so many incredible ways to make a splash when coming and going from your wedding.


Planning your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If your wedding day dreams include luxury and beauty, be mindful of each of the many details associated with your event. There’s no better way to ensure each detail is perfect than with the help of a wedding planner. From flowers to venues and the hundreds of details in between, there are countless opportunities for you to create a breathtaking event that both you and your guests will look back upon for years to come.