Woman holding phone to take a video of man hiking on a mountain.

Travel Vlogs have evolved from a mere way for tourists to share their adventures with friends and family into a natural form of popular entertainment. A travel vlog is something that many people watch to get some insight into the world’s most famed destinations. They act as a mini-documentary that’s fun to protect but also informative and entertaining. Travel vlogs offer a genuine insight into the culture and daily life of different locations worldwide, which has dramatically attracted many viewers on social media platforms. 

What is a Vlog?

A video blog is a video that contains a diary of a person’s everyday life, involving many different elements such as photos, videos, and audio files. A vlog can add a more personal element that makes it distinct from other content on Instagram since it is a different format than the standard photograph. 

1. Plan Ahead

If your trip will last for several weeks or even months, then it’s likely that you will have more time to shoot video footage and create content than if you are only going away for a few days. Making a travel vlog takes up quite a lot of time, so the longer you can spend preparing, the better. You will also have time to seek out a variety of people, places, and organizations you want to feature and ask them if they’re willing to participate in your vlog. Planning will also mean that when you arrive at your destination, you will already have a pretty good idea of what kind of footage or content you want to make.

2. Gather Your Gear

The type of camera you pack is a key factor in the quality of your vlog. You would be surprised how interchangeable camcorders and smartphones are, so feel free to try different formats and brands. It’s also a good idea to pack any accessories you think you may need for your video: lighting, tripods, and more. 

3. Present and Record the Content

Engage with the people you’ve interviewed and ask them to give you a minute or two of their time to describe their experience in the best way possible. Try to get as much variety of content as possible, including talking about the history and politics of the place, what makes it special, and how you felt when arriving.

There are many different video formats and styles, but you will want to ensure that your vlogs are edited on a computer. There is nothing more annoying than using an editing program that won’t work with your camera, so it’s a good idea to check compatibility before packing. Editing software can also be beneficial in making great quality videos that take you right into the action.

4. Let’s Edit

Editing is a very important part of the whole process, and while advanced editing programs are usually a bit more expensive, they will make your videos look professional. You can also edit easily with free programs that are available online, such as a video background remover. The editing process should start with assembling all of your content, ensuring it is on the same topic and consistent in format. This can be tedious, but it will pay off in the end.

5. Share Your Way to Success

Always make sure that you have something entertaining to end your videos with. It’s a good idea to share your videos on other websites, as well as Facebook and YouTube, but always ensure that you have a photo or short video of something at the end of your vlog. This will give people a quick insight into the place they just read about and make it memorable for those interested in further exploration. It is almost only possible to make a travel Vlog by being online. Posting quality content on your social media accounts is also essential to get noticed by the right people, so you must share quality content wherever possible.


A travel vlog is a great way to enhance your online identity, especially if you want to create a unique brand. Traveling and creating content for your vlog will give you exposure on social media and the added benefit of knowing that you have made something that people worldwide will watch.