There are more than a few dads out there who love the act of barbecuing. They take pride in their well-seasoned meat and intense outer glaze. So if you have an avid barbecue lover on your hands, there is no doubt that he will appreciate your effort in getting him something that will take his grilling to the next level. Here are eight gift ideas perfect for those special men whose favorite pastime is to get messy with fire.

1. Barbecue Tool Set

Every BBQ dad needs a high-quality tool set with all the essentials, like tongs, spatulas, and forks. Choose one with an attractive case for easy storage and transport. A great add-on gift is a meat thermometer, so he will always know if it’s time to take his ribs off the grill.

A complete barbecue tool set includes the following:

  • Basting brush – Place glazes and marinades on meats and veggies.
  • Butcher’s apron – Keeps his clothes clean during messy grill sessions.
  • Butcher’s gloves – Protects his hands during rigorous grilling.
  • Carving fork – Use to remove meat from bones for serving. Also a handy tool for serving vegetables and salads.
  • Charcoal tongs – Used to move hot charcoals without burning your hands.

2. Vintage BBQ Apron

If your dad appreciates an old-fashioned and classic culinary style, he will love a vintage-looking BBQ apron. Many of these pieces are handcrafted with durable fabrics like leather and thick cotton. He’ll feel like the grill king when he wears one of these babies!

This deluxe BBQ apron is made from heavy-duty cotton and features a 4-way adjustable neck, snap front, and 6 outer pockets. When he’s not grilling, he can wear it as a stylish belt and handy overalls vest.

3. Grill Cover

Some dads are proud of their outdoor kitchen and use it year-round. But most barbecue enthusiasts only get to enjoy their equipment for a short time during the summer months. This means that he will have to store his grill come winter, so gifting him a cover for it is a smart idea. A grill cover protects his investment from harsh weather conditions and prevents dirt from sticking to the outside of his equipment.

This heavy-duty vinyl cover fits barbecues up to 500 sq. ft. and is also large enough to protect his grill from the elements. The design offers a great fit and will keep his grill clean, dry, and ready for next season.

4. Portable Griddle

The cooking process doesn’t need to be messy. And a portable griddle is a must-have for any BBQ dad who needs their protein ready on time. A gas countertop griddle is not only convenient, but it’s fast and can hold food at a temperature that is just right to keep the meat juicy. Even a basic model will allow him to cook eggs, pancakes, and bacon at the same time with no spills or messes! 

5. BBQ Sauce and Rub Sampler

Your husband or dad can sample eight barbecue sauces and rubs to find his favorite. The set contains everything he needs to coat meat, vegetables, and even poultry in bold flavors. You can only purchase this sampler from one of the best barbecue sauce brands. It is a relatively new addition to the market, but it’s already earned a big reputation among BBQ enthusiasts.

This unique gift includes 8 bottles of premium barbecue sauce flavors like Red Hot, Black Cherry Chipotle, Sweet Honey, and Bourbon Apple Bourbon Heritage. The set includes 8 different types of rubs, including Sweet Brown Sugar and Molasses, Bourbon Barrel Aged Blackberry Chipotle, and more.

6. Grill Basket for Vegetables

Vegetables play a very important role in your dad’s BBQ diet. And even though he loves roasting meat on his hot grill, he still wants to roast the perfect potato or zucchini on occasion. If you are looking for a useful and creative gift, consider buying him a barbecue basket designed specifically for vegetables.

This basket is coated with a special non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean and perfect for grilling every veggie in your garden! The set includes a wire rack and a small grill brush, which he will appreciate for cleaning.

7. BBQ Cookbook

If your dad is a self-taught griller, he may need to learn to read something like Michael Ruhlman’s The Grill Book. This book is also a must-read for every novice who wants to perfect their way of preparing food on the BBQ. It features recipes and techniques to help you learn how to cook your favorite foods on this popular tool.

8. Grill Thermometer

Whether it’s to ensure that his meat is cooked to perfection or that his vegetables are cooked correctly, he will appreciate this helpful device in the kitchen. A handy tool like this can save your dad time and stress. From knowing if his ribs are ready to be able to adjust the heat in his grill, a thermometer is indispensable on any BBQ.


There is nothing better than spending time with a loved one, sharing your passions, and showing them that you appreciate theirs. These gifts are perfect for that special man in your life who loves to barbecue. So if you want to help him take his grilling to the next level or re-spark that fire in his heart for barbecue, start by considering the eight ideas above.