digital marketing

Digital marketing is becoming more and more important to businesses of all sizes, but especially manufacturers who need to reach new customers on the internet every day. With a manufacturer-focused approach to marketing in mind, you’ll be surprised at how much these new strategies improve your brand’s reach. Here are seven digital marketing strategies for manufacturers that will help you reach your target audience in no time:

1. Get on Social Media

Social media is an effective way for any manufacturing company to spread awareness of their brand, create a community, and drive traffic to their website. Start with Facebook as this platform is one of the biggest social networks with millions of users worldwide. With a Facebook page for your company, products, or services, you’ll be able to connect to your target audience and potential clients even faster. Moreover, you’ll be able to easily engage and communicate with customers via Facebook Messenger.

2. Create Quality Visual Content

There’s no denying that quality visuals, photos, infographics, and videos are a great way to catch a reader’s attention, especially in the manufacturing industry. With strong visuals on your website, social media accounts, emails, and more, manufacturers can stand out with a powerful digital media strategy. Work with a creative professional to develop branded visuals for your manufacturing marketing campaigns. Additionally, don’t hesitate to use relevant content from stock websites to curate a strong presence across the web.

3. Have an Active Presence on Pinterest

Pinterest is a rapidly growing source of traffic for all kinds of businesses, so it’s a good idea for manufacturing companies to have an active presence on Pinterest. To do so, you’ll need a pinboard dedicated to your brand or business. Use your logo as an image and link back to your website from each pin. If you’re set on being Pinterest-savvy, research what kinds of other pins get repinned frequently and incorporate those into your strategy.

4. Use Influencer Marketing

While most manufacturers don’t consider their businesses influencer-worthy, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to get more followers on your social media platforms and improve brand awareness, start developing relationships with relevant influencers. By identifying people who are leading conversations about topics, services, and products related to your brand, you can develop a long-lasting mutually beneficial working relationship as they promote your brand in exchange for discounts, free products, or other valuable offerings.

5. Create a Branded App

Creating an app for your brand or company can help build brand awareness and reach potential customers. Research from IBM shows that 88% of consumers say they’re likely to try a brand that has an app. While app design is a complex process, your app can be a simple mobile app that allows customers to scan barcodes and access price lists or it can be something more involved like a social network or an e-commerce site that encourages regular customer engagement.

6. Incorporate Call to Actions on All Platforms

Incorporating calls to action is another important strategy for your manufacturing marketing. Use calls to action to convert potential customers into long-term clients. Use your CTAs wisely in email marketing, social media content, and your landing page copy. Whether you ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter or download your e-book, the right CTA encourages customers to take action sooner than later.

7. Collaborate with Other Experts in Your Industry

Another often overlooked Pragmatic marketing strategy in the manufacturing industry is the art of collaboration. There are many industry experts out there who are happy to share their expertise with your audience. Once you’ve selected a topic, reach out to someone in your network to ask if they would like to contribute to your blog, social media content, or email copy. This way, your followers benefit from their knowledge while your brand benefits from more exposure.

While there are countless marketing tools and strategies available, not all of them are relevant to manufacturers. Make sure your next marketing campaign is effective in reaching new customers and growing your brand. Keep this guide in mind to find new and exciting ways to maximize your marketing opportunities.