Auto accidents can be scary no matter how minor they seem. Additionally, when an accident takes place, you may only be thinking about your and your passenger’s safety. However, anything can cause a car accident and when one occurs, you need to have an experienced, reputable attorney who is able to help. 

Contact Several Attorneys For A Consultation

As you research for the best Houston car accident lawyer, you will see that many will not charge you a dime to talk about your circumstances. Knowing this, you need to be talking to more than one and determine what their fee will be once your claim settles. You need to feel totally comfortable with this attorney right from the start and be able to create a strong attorney-client bond for the duration of the case. With this bond, the attorney needs to always remain professional and prompt.

Ensure the Attorney Specializes in Car Accidents

Finding an attorney with relevant legal experience to represent you through the claims process is imperative. When your attorney has prior experience in dealing with motor vehicle accident lawsuits, you can be certain that they will have the ability to put forward a compelling argument that offers the best chance of a successful outcome for you.

Go Over Fees

As we mentioned, the attorneys that you speak to will not charge you a fee until your case settles. With that said, you need to discuss what the fee will be once you accept an offer. You need to understand that the fee your attorney receives will be a certain percentage of the claim amount. So when you talk about the fee, ensure that you agree with the percentage that they charge. When you agree with their percentage, make sure that it is in writing and in the form of a contract.

Ensure Your Prospective Attorney Reviews All Evidence

As you head to your appointment with your attorney, make sure to have all of your evidence with you for them to review. Also have your policy for your car insurance, all medical records, medical insurance, and any and all medical bills associated with the claim. Also, ensure that they review any and all photos and videos that you have taken of the scene. Have a copy of the police report, and contact information of witnesses and the other party involved. When your attorney has all of the evidence, your attorney will be able to create a strong case fast so that you do not have to wait long to know what a likely settlement amount may be for your case.

Don’t Anticipate Your Settlement to be Quick

You should expect your settlement to take a few months before it settles so you need to be as patient as possible. Depending on your circumstances, your case may take a year or two before you hear about any compensation being offered. During this time, you need to ensure that your communication with your attorney is constant whenever anything new comes up.

They Need to be Professional, a Communicator, And Always Available

While your attorney is representing you, they always need to remain professional and always a phone call away. As a client, you need to maintain contact and attend each appointment that your attorney needs with you. Ensure that you have all of your documents and information organized and call your attorney back as soon as possible if you are unavailable. When a court appearance is needed, make sure that all of the instructions that your attorney gives you are followed. Be sure to be dressed appropriately, and provide the court with respect.


When you experience a car accident, you should not wait to file a claim for compensation. Once you have found the perfect attorney to hire for your case, they will get the claim process started. When you have an attorney working for you, you should not have to worry about being contacted by the other party because all contact will be forwarded through your attorney.