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Every dog owner wants what’s best for their fur child. So, when their canine is experiencing a physical or mental health complication, their first instinct is to find a way to help. If possible, pet owners prefer going the all-natural route instead of choosing a medication or treatment that is serious, potentially life-threatening, and expensive.

CBD oil might be one solution you come up with when it comes to helping your dog. However, you wonder: is CBD oil effective for dogs? Most importantly, is CBD oil safe for dogs? Let’s find out.

CBD Oil Can Potentially Help Many Conditions in Dogs

Most commonly, canine owners give their dogs CBD oil to aid with general anxiety or separation anxiety. While anxiety might be one of the first conditions that come to mind, CBD oil can also assist with other things.

CBD oil for dogs can be used as an anti-inflammatory, can aid with seizures, and possibly slow down cancer growth. The oil can possibly be beneficial for both long and short term conditions, from external injuries to permanent mental ailments.

There are Possible Side Effects

Virtually all natural and non-natural options have the potential for side effects. CBD oil for dogs, too, has possible side effects, although mild.

Side effects of CBD oil in canines might include dry mouth, increased thirst, lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness. Some dogs may not experience any side effects. According to the American Kennel Club, the worst side effects of CBD oil that have been reported in dogs is diarrhea and a several-week-long change in liver enzyme values.

To avoid potential side effects, refrain from giving your dog a higher dose than what is recommended and necessary. In addition, it is best to reach out to a veterinarian first before giving your pet CBD oil, especially if you are hesitant if it will be the best approach for them.

Also, know that CBD oil does not contain THC. Giving THC to your canine can be harmful and toxic. THC can possibly cause death in canines. Fortunately, CBD oil does not contain THC.

Not a Lot of Research on CBD Oil for Dogs

While there’s not a lot of research done on the effectiveness and safety of CBD oil for dogs, one thing is for sure: a lot of people swear by it.

Some might tell you that CBD oil is one of the only things that helps calm their tense dog. With CBD oil, many dogs experience less accidents in the house, better sleep, and overall, a calmer and happier mindset.

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CBD oil might not be for every canine, but it has been a help for many. From anxious dogs to dogs who experience seizures, CBD oil can be of great help. Side effects are minimal, and while there isn’t a lot of research done on the effectiveness and safety on dogs, CBD oil has been said to be a saving grace in many situations for dogs and dog owners alike.