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All home maintenance tasks include a price tag. Some maintenance chores are relatively inexpensive, but others drift to the costlier side of the spectrum. Cleaning gutters isn’t overly expensive, but the actual costs will vary. Here are a few factors that contribute to the cost of cleaning gutters.

Begin With Average Fees

The costs associated with gutter cleaning differ somewhat depending on the region, but the national averages run from roughly $125 on the low end to about $300 at the upper end of the cost range. However, those figures are only a part of the calculation. Numerous factors may impact the cost of services in your area.

Your Location Affects Costs

Getting to a client’s home takes time, and when homes are isolated or far from the provider’s shop location, the travel time will affect the final bill. The time involved is undoubtedly important, but so are the service provider’s real travel costs. Every mile traveled has an associated cost that includes fuel expenses as well as wear and tear on the provider’s vehicle. While the travel costs may not add significantly to the final bill, consider them when hiring a service provider.

The Size of Your Home Matters

As a rule, expect to pay more for cleaning the gutters on a larger home. Since larger homes tend to have longer gutter runs, it only makes sense that service providers will charge more to clean the gutters on a larger home. Anytime the amount of work increases, the costs will go up.

The Roof Slope and Number of Angles Add to the Expense

Here again, the amount of labor involved impacts the overall cost of gutter cleaning. Many modern home designs include steep slopes and numerous corners where gutters turn. Of course, the service provider will look at the overall complexity of a home’s design before determining the final cost for gutter cleaning but expect to pay more when design details require gutters to have a lot of corners.

Additional Stories Result in Higher Fees

Cleaning the gutters on a single-story home will always be easier (and less expensive!) than those on a multi-story home. Here the issue is the ease of access. Many service providers use techniques that allow cleaning gutters from the ground. That option is less likely to be available when the gutters are two or three stories up. Access is the key here, so always expect to pay additional fees for cleaning the gutters on a multi-story home.

Accessibility Impacts Costs

Many homes are built on lots that are far from level. That means accessing the gutters may be complicated. If special equipment is required to safely get to the gutters, customers will see higher costs. If your home is on a steep hillside, for example, the labor involved to get to the gutters will always be higher.

The Gutter’s Condition is Important

Older or damaged gutters are more challenging to clean, which means the costs involved go up. In addition, when gutters haven’t been cleaned for several years, the dirt and debris will be packed hard in the gutters, which will increase the time required to clean them properly. As the saying goes, time is money, so expect to pay more when a home’s gutters are damaged or packed with debris.

Waiting Until the Busy Season Adds to the Cost

Most homeowners wait until after the leaves fall to schedule gutter cleaning. That’s why the fall months are always the busiest time for gutter cleaning services, and the costs go up. Of course, if a home is surrounded by deciduous trees, cleaning the gutters in the fall is an absolute must, so scheduling the cleaning at another time wouldn’t make sense. However, many homes are not surrounded by trees, which means cleaning the gutters at another time is practical. The costs for gutter cleaning will often be somewhat lower at other times of the year, so take advantage of that option if possible.

Seamless Gutters May Cost Less to Clean

Many service companies will charge slightly less to clean seamless gutters than for gutters with seams. Here, the fee difference may depend on the type of cleaning system used, but homeowners are encouraged to remember that cleaning seamless gutters is easier. If your home has seamless gutters, ask the provider if that feature reduces their fees.

Downspout Cleaning Adds to the Cost

Basic gutter cleaning generally doesn’t include the downspouts, which means there is an additional fee to clean them. In some cases, removing the downspouts is required for cleaning. Ask the service provider if they include downspout cleaning in their basic fee and, if they don’t, what the additional fee would be.

Why is Cleaning Gutters Important?

Clean gutters allow water to flow quickly and easily to the downspouts and away from the home. On the other hand, when gutter maintenance is neglected, dirt and debris build up in the gutters, and the water won’t drain properly. When gutters fill with debris, the water eventually runs over the gutter’s top rather than through the downspouts and away from the home. That means water can then damage the landscaping around a home and, eventually, seep into the basement or crawlspace.

Gutters filled with dirt and water are incredibly heavy, which means they may sag or pull away from the home. When that happens, the repair costs go up substantially. Regular gutter cleaning and proper maintenance ensure they will function as intended during heavy rains.

Repair experts also spot developing problems during the cleaning process, allowing owners to authorize repairs that prevent the need to replace the gutters. Of course, some gutters are beyond their useful life. In that case, the service provider will recommend installing new gutters. Rather than risking serious and costly damage, take care of your home’s gutters now.

Call Gutter Cleaning Experts for Advice or to Schedule Services

Scheduling an appointment for service is usually easy. Call the service provider to find out when the best time would be for cleaning your home’s gutters and take the time to discuss their fee schedule.