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When you have a pet, you want them to be as healthy as possible and this means eating healthy too. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right food for your pet. When you know what to look for, you will have no issue knowing which food is right for them.

1. Look For The Statement By AAFCO

As you look at the ingredients for the dog food, you will likely notice a statement by the American Association of Feed Control Officials. Depending on what the pet’s life stage is, the statement may be worded differently, such as “feeding trials” or “formulated”. When it refers to “feeding trials”, it refers to it being tested by being fed to animals to determine nutritional value.  “Formulated”, it means the food is nutrient-rich with the right amount of energy included. This statement comes in handy when you want your pet to have a balanced diet.

2. Ensure That The Manufacturer Is Reputable

Many pet food manufacturers that are reputable will have an animal nutritionist who will be able to control the quality of the food. Having a reputable pet food manufacturer means that the food will be full of nutrients and energy and in accordance with the guidelines that they have in place. The manufacturer will also willingly release information whenever a customer requests to see it.

3. Purchase A Raw Dog Food Subscription

Feeding your pet a raw diet means it needs to be able to promote a life that is healthy and happy. This is what you get when you have a raw dog food subscription. When you do, your pet is able to gain the following benefits:

  • Allergies will be reduced
  • Fur and skin will be healthy and soft
  • Full of energy
  • Food digestion is enhanced
  • Weight is controlled

Your subscription will also allow your pet to enjoy direct delivery, appropriate portions, and a good amount of nutrition.

When your pet is fed a raw diet, they obtain food that is:

High Quality and Varied – The fact that the food is raw means the food will be as high of a quality as possible. This means there will be a good amount of protein that includes beef, chicken, and turkey. These protein options will provide your pet with a high amount of protein that they need.

4. Select Appropriate Food Specific For Your Pet

When you are in search of the right food for your pet, it needs to be appropriate for the pet and its age. This is due to the food having certain levels of nutrition and protein that a pet needs. For example, the food for puppies or kittens will be produced with different levels of required nutrients as opposed to adult pets. In fact, food designed for certain life stages means it may also include more of one nutrient than others and a higher percentage of it. It is important to remember that when your pet is much older, there will be a smaller amount of food regulations for their specific needs. When this is the case, you should be in touch with your veterinarian to gain advice as to what food you should be giving your pet.

5. Control The Number Of Treats

Having treats for your pet allows you to train them and encourage them to behave in appropriate ways. However, what we sometimes don’t realize is the amount that we need to be providing to them. When there is an idea of the amount that should be given, then we are unable to overfeed our pet.


When you are in search of the perfect food for your pet, you need to be aware of what you feed them. When you are, you will know that their diet will be appropriate and that their health will always be taken care of for as long as they live with you.