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There’s a lot to consider for pediatricians looking for a course to take after residency. Board reviewers have very different philosophies and teaching styles. And then there are the costs. If you’re careful, saving your money on an expensive course that doesn’t give you what you need or want is easy. A good course should be based on competency-based learning, focusing on clinical decision-making, not memorization. While some board review resources are available for free online, most pediatricians will have to spend some money to take a course. When choosing an online system, there is no substitute for carefully researching the faculty and their teaching methods.

Things To Look For in a Pediatricians Board Review Course:

A lot of pediatricians are looking for board review courses. These courses offer lectures, class notes, and slides all online. One of the most popular online pediatric board review courses is created by Boardscape Pediatrics. But how do you know which one is right for you? Check out these six things to look for in a pediatricians board review course before you buy one.

1. Review Course That Aligns With the ABP Exam Content

One of the critical features of a good board review course is its content. When choosing a board review course, you must ensure that the content aligns with the state board’s outline. If it doesn’t, you may feel cheated and like you’re wasting your time and money. Several resources are available online to help you understand how a good pediatrician board review course should have its content aligned with the ABP exam content outline. Finding the best pediatric board review course can help you study to get the best scores in order to pass your ABP Certification exam. 

2. A Course That Allows You To Set Aside Dedicated Time To Study

Getting a solid pediatricians board review course is excellent, but you must set aside time to study to pass the ABP exam. The best way to determine how good of a fit a specific course is for your exam prep needs is to look at its schedule and see if it fits into your schedule. Opening up an online pediatricians board review course in the middle of your day leaves little time to “play catch-up. To get the most out of your study time, you’ll prioritize setting aside dedicated time.

3. A Course That Provides Materials to Supplement Your Peds Board Review Experience

If you’re taking an online board review course, you’ll want to ensure it offers more than just live lectures. In most cases, courses offered by reputable companies will provide supplemental materials such as class notes, patient cases, and review questions. For the best experience possible, choose a course that offers all these materials for you to use as part of your exam prep experience. Ensuring you’re ready for the ABP exam continues after the course. You will need to continue reviewing the material to pass the board.

4. A Course That Gives You Kick-Ass Study Strategies

Cultivating a killer study strategy is one of the best ways to ensure that you pass your board the first time. You can get a lot out of taking an online pediatricians board review course, but you will only get everything out of it if it teaches you how to use study strategies that complement your learning style. Make sure you choose a course that offers kick-ass study strategies to help you remember and retain information quickly and easily. Ensuring that you’ve remembered and fully understood the information before moving on to the next topic is crucial in passing the ABP exam.

5. A Course That Provides Exam Simulators

In most cases, an online pediatricians board review course will provide you with live lectures and supplemental information, but it’s up to you to take it from there. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your study experience, look for a course that offers exam simulators. These computer-based practice exams can help you prepare for the exam. Going into your ABP exam, knowing what every question is about will help you rapidly recall information and focus on areas of weakness before taking the test.

6. A Course That Helps You Earn and Claim CME and MOC

As with any board review course, you’ll likely spend much time studying. One of the most affordable ways to get CME credit is to enroll in a pediatricians board review course, which will allow you to earn and claim your CME credits. This can be a great way to earn additional CME credits if you’re taking an online course in conjunction with an ABP exam review course. To get the most out of the course credits, you earn, search for a system that provides extra CME opportunities, including optional clinical assessments. Completing these exams can help you evaluate your understanding of the information covered during the course and give you more practice in answering questions. Some systems will also allow you to earn MOCs (master of clinical achievement) to further enhance your knowledge and skills in pediatric care and provide added CME credit.

Taking the best pediatric board review course is an excellent supplement to your existing learning experience. They can help you to be more confident when taking the exam and focus on areas of weakness in your knowledge. Using a well-reviewed and practical online pediatricians board review course can help you pass the ABP exam so you can go on to build a successful career as a practicing pediatrician.