Adorable golden retriever dog wearing blue scarf sitting on snow. Winter in park. Horizontal, selective focus.

On a cold day, there is nothing better than being able to stroke your pet’s warm and soft fur. While your pet might stay warmer than humans with their winter coat, they are still susceptible to feeling the chill when the temperatures outside take a dip. Keeping your pet warm during the cold parts of the year isn’t hard when you take these simple measures to help them feel cozy.

Get Them Off the Floor

Dogs and cats might seem like they’re just fine taking a nap anywhere, but you can make things a little more comfortable. Dog and cat beds provide pets with a designated place to lie down, and they are perfect for getting them off of the cold floor. If you have tile or hardwood, then putting a bed in your pet’s favorite napping area can help their core stay significantly warmer.

Give Them a Cute Winter Coat

Even with their winter coat grown in, the thicker fur might still not be enough to keep them from feeling the cold winds blowing on freezing days. Dog coats are perfect for putting on your pet before you take them outside for a walk or potty break. Sweaters are lighter, but they are also great for helping your pet stay warm if you tend to set the thermostat a little lower than most.

Upgrade Your Home’s HVAC System

If your home’s HVAC system is older, then it might be struggling to keep up heating your home. Noticing cold spots in a room or the unit keeps kicking on and off are two signs that the system isn’t functioning at full capacity. An HVAC installation can not only help your pet stay warmer in the house, but it could also help you save on electric bills if your current unit isn’t running at peak efficiency.

Insulate Outdoor Shelters

Dog houses and other shelters are critical for pets that spend any amount of time outside since it is possible for a surprise snow or rain shower to hit and leave them shivering. The walls of a shelter also help to keep your pet warm by holding in their body heat. Adding a warm blanket, hay or other insulating materials can help your pet stay warm until they can get inside.

Your pet depends upon you for all of their needs, and they’ll return your kindness by spending lots of time curled up by your side and sharing your warmth. Giving them a soft, fluffy bed and dressing them up in an adorable little coat adds a touch of fun to your home, which makes being a pet owner even more special this season.