As any parent of a toddler knows, they can be hesitant to try new things. Convincing them that oral hygiene is a must for good health may not be a simple task. Here are some tips to get your little one to brush without a fight.

Establish A Routine

Regardless of whether or not the toddler wants to brush their teeth, it is important to make it part of their daily routine. Decide when you want them to brush their teeth. Whether it is right after breakfast or before bedtime stories, stick to it. Your little one will soon get used to it being part of their daily routine.

Sing A Song Or Play Music

If your child views brushing as fun, they will be more willing to cooperate. With your child’s help, make up a brushing song or choose a song to play only when it is time for your little one to brush their teeth. Keep the song simple and something easy for your child to remember.

Make Friends With Your Dentist

If you do not have a family dentist, now is the time to find one. Consider a local dentist practice near you like Dentologie. Local dentists have worked hard to create a safe, compassionate space for all their patients. Once a child is no longer afraid of going to a dentist, they will be more willing to take care of their pearly whites.

Play Mirror Me

Have your child watch you brush your teeth. Once they see that you brush your teeth, they will understand it is something everyone needs to do. Have them grab their toothbrush and just put some water on the brush to get started. Explain to them to mirror what you do. Keep it fun. Once they can mimic what they are supposed to do, add some toothpaste.

Kid Size Tools And Kid Flavors

It is important to purchase a toothbrush sized for kids. The handle needs to be small enough for little hands to grasp comfortably, the head of the brush needs to fit in a small mouth, and the bristles need to be soft. Also, consider a kid-friendly toothpaste. Many kids dislike brushing their teeth because of toothpaste’s flavor. Adult toothpaste may be too strong.

Starting a fun brushing routine will help your little one develop good hygiene practices, and they will continue as they get older. Brushing should be something that is fun and not feared. The hope is your child will enjoy having a clean mouth and want to keep brushing.