Elderly people often struggle with combating extreme temperatures during the winter and summer seasons. They tend to put off repairs until the heater or A/C breaks down and they can no longer bear the harsh conditions. For these reasons, there are dozens of local programs, usually provided by state agencies, that provide elderly assistance with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services.

Services to Help the Elderly

Seniors are eligible to receive free to low-cost energy services. Elderly people are more vulnerable to suffering from the flu, the cold, or pneumonia during the wintertime. During the summer, they are more likely to experience heat strokes or dehydration. However, many seniors are retired and have reduced incomes that prevent them from being efficient heaters or air conditioners. Many of them fail to notice problems with their HVAC appliances and do not understand how the systems work.

Government Programs

There are state and federal governments that provide HVAC assistance if you or your family have a reduced income. The federal government provides funds to state agencies that distribute various resources to your local communities. As a result of the government, several states can provide free air conditioners to elderly citizens through the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Seniors usually have to qualify for needy government programs. Some recipients may need to be 65 years or older, meet certain income limits, or have lived as a state resident for several years.

Programs From Nonprofits and Companies

Different energy companies provide free to low-cost air conditioners, product discounts, or HVAC services to eligible seniors. You are often recommended energy-efficient appliances that increase cooling output while using as little energy as possible. The government may require energy companies to install only energy-efficient products for clients regardless of their age or household income.

Many solar panel providers target elderly citizens. Older people tend to prefer simpler technologies that help them to save money. So, in some communities, they are more willing to invest in saving money and replace their traditional energy with solar energy.

Local nonprofit organizations may host temporary programs to deliver and install A/C units for seniors. Additional programs provide A/C repairs or maintenance to those who cannot afford new appliances.

Elderly people tend to ignore the importance of taking care of their HVAC systems. But the heater or air conditioner is one of the most overused and underestimated appliances in your house. There is a wide range of HVAC services being offered to senior citizens, whether you qualify or know someone who does.