Management platform for remote jobs is one of the best ways to get more work done and manage a team from anywhere. In the current day and age, with the skyrocketing popularity of remote jobs, technology has allowed us to make it happen. Remote management software has come a long way, and it is now possible to take your work anywhere without missing a beat. The small job market has taken the world by storm, and companies are now adapting to allow their employees to work from any location. Here we shall discuss the best management platforms for remote jobs.

1. Management Software

Management software is one of the most important tools in any entrepreneur’s arsenal. It’s a resource that will help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Good remote management software is crucial for scheduling, time tracking, project tracking, meeting management, and client communication if you work from anywhere. Its ability to help organize meetings online or offline will save you time and make running your business even easier.

2. Google Drive

This is a cloud-based service from Google that allows you to store and access your documents and data from anywhere. It’s an effective tool for remote entrepreneurs who want to run their businesses remotely. Send design documents to your team or coworkers, share your calendar and spreadsheets, or use Google drive to store client files. With the ability to add comments directly in documents, create task lists, and more – you can make the most of this free service to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Google Drive gives you the option to allow people to only view or edits your files, which makes it easier to share documents or have someone else make quick corrections for you. 

3. Wiki Software

Wikis were created to help teams stay on task without having to develop formalized timelines and project assignments. Instead, everyone has access to the same centralized document that allows them to make updates anytime. Team members can use it for note-taking and collaboration, so there is no need for additional software to handle meetings or scheduling. It’s easy for your whole team to manage projects remotely using the wiki software. Internal wiki software can help you save hours a week in overhead time and help you manage your team better. A wiki software makes it easier for you and your peers to search through your google drive files. When you have too many files to look through, it may take a while to find what you need but this software can help locate the file in seconds. 

4. Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that allows you to communicate with your team or other coworkers from anywhere. Zoom is a great tool for remote entrepreneurs who want to make the most of their time and make running their businesses easier. Quickly share documents, have group calls and zoom meetings, and manage your entire team from anywhere. Zoom is an ideal tool for remote entrepreneurs who want to save time and stay organized.

Plenty of jobs are using this as a source to make interviews easier for potential employees. This also benefits remote workers to stay in touch with their peers and reach out to any of them whenever they have questions. Zoom has a cool feature where you can share your own screen which can help you when you have to make a presentation. 

5. Basecamp

This is a great tool for project management and collaboration. You can schedule and assign tasks, set reminders, share documents, and stay on top of your projects from anywhere. Basecamp is a great remote management solution that ensures efficiency in the workplace. Connect with your team and share files while making the most of other time-saving tools like reminders and notifications.

6. Toggl

Toggl is a powerful time-tracking solution that allows you to record and monitor your time from any location. It tracks the time spent on activities and lets you analyze and present your data in several formats. Toggl is an effective remote management solution for tracking employee time spent on projects or other tasks for optimum efficiency and productivity. Time-tracking software can save monthly hours by helping entrepreneurs manage their businesses efficiently and effectively. It is also recommended to track how much time it takes to finish a task in order to analyze where other employees need more help. This can also reduce any concerns with timesheets in order to make sure employees are actually working throughout their whole shift from home. 

7. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time-tracking software that allows you to track and analyze your time, meetings, and tasks more efficiently. You can create time sheets, set goals and reminders, view project statistics, and share reports with your team. Time doctor is one of the best management platforms for remote jobs and entrepreneurs who want to save time and improve their businesses.

8. Dropbox

This cloud-based file storage and sharing solution allow you to store and share your files from anywhere. Dropbox can be great for remote entrepreneurs who want to save time while making the most of their time. It’s easy enough to use, even for beginners, and can help you organize client files, design documents, or share important information with team members. Dropbox allows you to keep all your important files in one place, so they are always accessible.

A dropbox platform allows you to store your files and be able to access them from anywhere. It gives you the option to collaborate with your teams and download important files to share with each other when needed. 


Technology development has become an essential part of a remote career and is helping remote workers stay focused on the tasks that matter most to employers. Best management platforms for remote jobs assist employers in hiring and managing remote workers in a very effective way. These tools help employers optimize the time spent hiring and managing remote workers. With the development of technology, remote workers can work from anywhere and manage projects remotely while keeping their work confidential.