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Art is certainly a huge part of the culture in every civilization. Art, of course, ranges widely in type; there are all sorts of different mediums for artistic expression. Paintings, statues, buildings, sculptures, and so much more count as art. Though what makes it so popular is that it’s collectible. Collectible art has certainly evolved a lot since the Internet took off years ago. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket and worldwide access to the web, digital collectibles, including art and more, have exploded in popularity. Here are some types of digital collectibles in which you may want to invest.


The first and most popular type of digital collectible on the list is the NFT. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and the basic gist here is that this is digital art that someone can own that’s unique. Sure, copies can be made, but copies can also be made of Picasso paintings. Though there’s still only one original. That’s the big deal about NFTs on the blockchain; it’s all about people getting to possess original copies of art, and they’ll often pay steep sums to have that original copy. The Merge, CryptoPunk, Bored Ape and so many more NFTs have sold for huge sums. You can find all sorts of NFTs, including NFTs for your favorite sports teams. If you like college football, for instance, there’s an entire BYU digital collectibles marketplace you can visit.

Digital Coins

Digital coin collectibles (not to be confused necessarily with digital tokens) are almost always a type of cryptocurrency. This sort of coin may have collectible value, however, and may not necessarily be in the market like Bitcoin, ETH, Doge, and other types of popular crypto. The idea here is that you can find a wide range of coins that people create. For instance, there’s an upcoming fantasy story called Blue Rose, and as something for the fans to collect, the author of the story is giving away Blue Rose tokens (BRT) with a purchase of the novel. Other companies have done similar things with other media they have launched. Not everything worth collecting has to possess monetary value. If Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and other popular media were to create digital collectibles, most members of the fan base wouldn’t care if these collectibles didn’t have any real resell value. They would collect them just to keep them.

Visual Art (Videos, Drawings)

A digital collectible can also be something like an online video clip, a piece of music, or a 3D piece of art. These are not necessarily NFTs, but they work on the same basis as NFTs, and they help explain why NFTs are so valuable. Think about it like Napster from 20 years ago and the battles they had with musicians who were suing because their music was being copied. Now, imagine you had the original that no one else had. It’s one thing to have a bootleg of a Metallica song, but what if you had the original demo tape directly from the studio? Remember, this is about collectibles, and thus the “worth” of collectible items isn’t always about how much those items can sell for. It’s all about how much those items are worth to the people collecting them. To that end, original digital media renderings and clip art can be priceless collectibles to fans of artists.

Digital Tokens

An NFT is a type of token, but not all tokens are NFTs. This isn’t very complex to understand when you break it down. A digital token is simply something created digitally that represents rights, and often those rights have value. Again, that value can be monetary, and the token can be sold on the market for a profit. Or that value may just be sentimental for the individual collector. There are all sorts of different digital tokens that aren’t NFTs.

In Conclusion

A lot of people who are collectors have turned exclusively to collecting digital items. It doesn’t take up as much room, the collection always remains safe from theft, and many of these collectibles have a good chance of accruing huge value as time passes. Whether an NFT or a digital coin, you can find all sorts of collectibles to suit your tastes.