Two glasses of wine

Many may come to believe that wine is good if they just like the taste of it. However, many other factors need to be considered to identify high-quality wine. These factors will allow you to decide if the wine’s quality is to your standards. When the quality is what you expected to achieve, then enjoy! Besides the quality of the wine, 4 other factors need to be taken into consideration when you want to identify high-quality wine.

Is The Wine High Quality?

When you are trying to decide if your fine wine is of high quality, it will mainly be due to the wine’s total complexity of flavor. When you have a glass of high-quality wine, it needs to take your palate on a journey like no other. The wine should also make it difficult to determine the exact flavors involved in the making of the wine.

If the wine’s flavor can be decided quickly, then it will likely be a simple wine. But when the wine is more complex, then you will see it as being a bit challenging. An indicator that your wine is of high quality will be its overall complexity, which stems from the wine’s fermentation.

The Wine’s Smell

To determine whether a wine has high quality, you first need to place your nose close to the wine and give it a good smell. Determine if it has a floral or fruity smell. When it smells fruity, then you will have a high-quality wine on your hands. If its smell is that of a wet dog, then it may have become corked. If so, then you will need to throw it out.

The Wine’s Balance

The balance of a wine is an important factor to consider when looking for a high-quality wine. When balance is achieved, there will be no single flavor overpowering the others. This balance is what makes it difficult to determine what flavors make up the wine. When freshness is observed, then you can be sure that the wine’s tannins are well-proportioned but are not too powerful. The balancing should also involve the alcohol being unnoticeable. When you have all of these details, then you can easily say the wine has a good balance.

The Wine’s Depth

Now that you know that your wine is balanced, you need to check the wine’s flavor depth. This check for depth will involve tasting the wine as it is in your mouth. As you taste it, you need to be able to measure the amount of all of the flavors and not just a single fruit. Are other noticeable flavors present? When you can taste other flavors, then the wine will contain many flavor layers.

When a wine has depth, you will easily enjoy the flavor changes during a meal as you take sips. The depth may be so good that you may not even remember to finish your meal. The flavor depth easily comes out after it develops in the wine glass. Then the aromas will come through, which will depend on the type of meal you are having. When the wine’s depth is significant, it will be considered a high-quality wine.

The Wine’s Finish

The final way to determine a high-quality wine is by its finish or the length of time that the flavor leaves your mouth. When the flavor lasts for a while, the wine will be of higher quality.

When the flavor disappears rapidly, you will need another bottle. When you can enjoy the wine for a few seconds, then it will be worth enjoying with a meal. The longer the flavor lasts, the higher quality the wine will continue to be.


When you are looking to enjoy some high-quality wine, you need to be able to determine its quality based on the smell, balance, depth, and finish. Once you have determined these factors and feel like they make for a quality wine, then you should include them in your wine collection.