If you’re into psychology and personal development, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the enneagram online or through other media sources. The first instinct may be to think this is just another personality inventory and it may not offer anything new. What many may not realize is that the typology has been around since the early 1900s.

It has since evolved to incorporate ancient traditional wisdom with modern psychology. The result is a dynamic system that can provide great insight into better self-understanding, along with a deeper examination of the ways you interact with the world around you. Read on to discover more about what an enneagram test is and how it works.

About the Enneagram Test

The Enneagram system is comprised of a set of numbers that represent an overall view of an individual’s personality. These individual numbers, 1 through 9, make up three core segments of one’s identity. These segments are the gut center, heart center, and head center. They are representations of body, soul, and mind. Sometimes, they are also interpreted to correspond with instinct, intuition, and intellect. At first, the structure can seem complicated. This is likely because it truly is a rather in-depth and complex system, which is why so many feel the Enneagram provides more value than others personality inventories in use today.

How It Works

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of how the Enneagram works, it’s important to look at the entire system of numbers, rather than a simplistic approach of relying on one number for all the answers. It’s best to realize that we can draw from the qualities of each of the numbers. While each number is given a title such as Enthusiast, you’ll want to examine the concept of enthusiasm in a broad sense, rather than simply relying on one single descriptor. For instance, you can interpret number 7, the Enthusiast, as someone who values experiences and is prone to enthusiasm or becoming excited by concepts of interest.

The Enneagram Numbers

Each of the nine numbers corresponds with a one-word representation. Beginning with 1, there is the Reformer. This type is motivated by justice and is a representation of humanity’s capacity for reformation. Number 2 is the Helper, who represents competence in nurturing. This person prizes appreciation. The Achiever is number 3. Of course, it is all about achievement. Achievers value creativity and success. The fourth type of the Enneagram is the Individualist. This number 4 seeks to be authentic in all pursuits. They illustrate an aptitude for individuality.

Looking at number 5, you’ll discover the Investigator. This archetype denotes the human capacity for investigation. They want to pursue and obtain clarity. Number 6, the Loyalist, shows that all are capable of loyalty. The Loyalist places value on guarantees. As noted earlier, the Enthusiast is number 7. depicting the capacity for enthusiasm and motivation by experiences. If you are a Challenger, number 8, you are passionate about autonomy. This number portrays a predilection for disruption. Finally, number 9 is the Peacemaker, who is the epitome of peace, constantly seeking serenity.

How the Enneagram Stands Out

Rather than focusing on the “what” and “how” of your actions, the Enneagram encourages you to look at your motivations in life and why it is you engage with the world as you do. It can provide you with a rich knowledge of your personality type and enhanced self-awareness. An understanding of the Enneagram can allow you to better interpret your own and others’ underlying reasons for certain actions. This can be particularly useful in knowing what prompts certain behaviors in times of stress or trauma. The Enneagram doesn’t just present a view of what can trigger a person. It’s also a wonderful tool for delving into your strengths. This view lets you determine better coping mechanisms and ways of responding to the outside forces around you. What’s great is that you can find a free enneagram test, which is a perfect way to begin your Enneagram journey.

Hopefully, you now have a more thorough understanding of the Enneagram test and its uses. This helpful tool can present you with a more insightful knowledge of yourself and how you interact with your world.