If you’re like most people, your refrigerator probably looks pretty dated and tired. It may be time for a change, not just because it’s summertime! From paint to wallpaper, there are various ways to spruce up your appliance without breaking the bank.

What to Expect

Adding some new appliances is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg. Here are five simple ways to add personality to your refrigerator without breaking the bank:

  1. Get creative with your magnets – Attach colorful magnets to the door or side of the fridge, using slogans like “Drink More Water” or “Keep Your Food Cold.”
  2. Update your style with a fresh coat of paint – A fresh coat of paint can give any room a new lease on life, and it works especially well in kitchens. Consider installing custom shelving or cabinet doors if you want to go all out.
  3. Add some bright décor with DIY accessories – You can easily create retro-inspired accessories like milk jugs as coasters or vintage mirror tiles as backsplashes. Alternatively, you could buy unique pieces like this cool ice cream maker that doubles as a beverage cooler.
  4. Personalize your storage with fun racks and baskets – This cute wine rack is perfect for storing bottles of wine near the countertop; alternatively, try organizing canned goods in baskets made from sturdy materials like wood or metal.
  5. Install an updated thermostat – This will adjust the temperature of your fridge automatically based on the time of day and season, making it easier to save energy and keep food cold for extended periods.

What You’ll Need

If you’re looking to spruce up your fridge without spending much money or time, you can do a few things. You’ll need some supplies, such as paint, fridge wraps, a brush, and tape. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Begin by measuring the length and width of your refrigerator. This will help you determine the canvas size you’ll be working with.
  • Choose a base color for your fridge.
  • Paint over the entire surface of the canvas using a brush and the chosen color. Let the paint dry completely before moving on to step 4.
  • Tape off any areas you don’t want to be painted or that will get in the way of your brush strokes (for example, around doors and drawers). Use painter’s tape in a crosshatch pattern to avoid creating bubbles or ridges in the paint. Allow the tape to dry completely before moving on to step 5.
  • If desired, add details like door handles or window frames with a brush and different paint colors. Allow these details to dry completely before moving on to step 6.
  • Remove the taped areas and admire your new refrigerator look.

Tips for a Successful Fridge Makeover

1. Start with the Main Panel: One of the easiest ways to update your fridge is by updating the main panel. This is where all the food is stored, so it’s important to look fresh and appealing. You can find new panels online or at your local hardware store. If you plan to paint your panel, buy a primer first to ensure a smooth finish.

2. Fill in the Details: Another way to update your refrigerator is by filling in the details. This includes adding new shelves, changing outdoor styles, and adding décor. You can find creative ideas for shelves and door décor online or at your local home improvement store.

3. Update the Lighting: According to the fridge-kitchen designer, one of the most important things you can do when updating your refrigerator is update the lighting. This will add an extra level of design and functionality to your unit. You can choose from many lights, so shop around until you find something that fits your needs perfectly.


If you’re on a tight budget but want to update your fridge, check out this guide on how to do it cheaply. It will show you how to buy the necessary parts and accessories and then give you some tips on installing them. Not only will this DIY project save you money, but it will also give your kitchen a fresh new look.