When you are a plumber, you know you have a specialized set of skills and knowledge that will have you working in a variety of situations and environments. While some plumbers focus mostly on maintenance issues, others choose to spend much of their time working as part of a team on new construction projects. But to do either, it takes various plumbing certifications. As for what certifications you may be able to earn in these areas, here are a few you may want to consider.

Certified Plumbing Design Technician

If you already have extensive experience as a Master Plumber and want to gain even more knowledge for new construction projects, consider pursuing a Certified Plumbing Design Technician certification. Once you have this certification, you will be recognized as a plumber who can design complex plumbing systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Uniform Plumbing Code Plumbing Inspector

Should you be a plumbing contractor who wants to focus primarily on new construction projects involving residential and commercial properties, gaining certification as a Uniform Plumbing Code Residential and Commercial Plumbing Inspector will be extremely useful in creating more career opportunities for you in the years ahead. A certification that verifies your expertise in construction and various plumbing codes, this certification can help you learn how to install virtually any type of plumbing fixture.

STAR Plumbing Mastery

One of the best plumbing certifications you can gain if you are a plumbing contractor who specializes primarily in maintenance, the STAR Plumbing Mastery certification focuses on designing, installing, and maintaining numerous types of plumbing systems large and small. By gaining this certification, those in the plumbing industry will instantly recognize that you not only have a multitude of plumbing experience, but also in-depth plumbing knowledge of today’s most advanced plumbing maintenance techniques.

STAR Steamfitting-Pipefitting Mastery

Another STAR certification that plays an important role within today’s plumbing industry, the STAR Steamfitting-Pipefitting Mastery certification not only demonstrates to everyone your expertise as a Master Plumber, but also that you have extensive experience and knowledge pertaining to pipe fabrication, rigging, preparation, and installation. Should you be a plumber who will be working in an industrial setting on a daily basis, this certification is a must-have.

Whether you use your plumbing skills primarily in maintenance or new construction, gaining these certifications will help you stay up-to-date on the latest plumbing techniques and equipment being used in today’s state-of-the-art plumbing systems. Should you be a contractor, they will no doubt help current and future customers have even more confidence in your professionalism and plumbing know-how.