When you have a clogged drain, a toilet that’s not flushing correctly, or any other type of plumbing problem in your home or business, your next step is to of course contact a plumber to arrange for repairs or replacements. But as you start to look through the phone book or online, you face a dilemma in that you’ll need to choose between calling a local plumber or a national chain. To make the right decision, here are some pros and cons of working with local plumbers instead of chain companies.

Better Customer Service

One of the biggest benefits you’re likely to gain from a local plumber is a better quality of customer service. Since a local plumber knows their reputation is on the line with each job, they are usually more committed to providing emergency service and working with you to keep costs minimal and make repairs that are convenient to your schedule.

Higher Prices

Although many local plumbers may try to work with you to keep your repair and replacement costs as low as possible, there is also a chance you may ultimately pay more by using a local plumber rather than a chain company. Since chain companies are much bigger and do a higher volume of business, they are often able to offer lower prices than many local plumbers. However, as you know, you tend to get what you pay for, so keep this in mind.

Big and Small Jobs

Should you have a relatively small plumbing job that needs to be done at your home or business, chances are you will have much better luck getting a local plumber to do the job than you will a bigger chain company. In most cases, larger companies are unwilling to take on smaller jobs. If they do, you likely will pay much more for their services, since they may charge higher fees due to it being a small job that won’t result in much overall profit.

The Latest Training

If you do decide to work with a local plumber, be sure to pick one who has the latest training on today’s modern plumbing systems. Should you choose a local plumber who may be nearing retirement, it is always possible they may not be as up-to-date on the latest plumbing techniques needed to fix complex problems. On the other hand, their years of experience may give them a unique perspective on how to fix or replace something.

Since you want your plumbing fixed correctly the first time, take these and other points into consideration when selecting a plumber to make repairs at your home or business.