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Smart locks, video cameras, security alarms, blocked doorways, and multiple lights are ways to keep your home from being burglarized. It would help to learn more about these options and select one that coincides with your home and local criminal activities. Below are some options you could use to keep your property safe, but most importantly, you and your family.

Install Adequate Lighting

Most burglars select darker homes, compared to those with adequate lighting, which makes it challenging to hide their identity. Therefore, you should install as much lighting as possible to keep your home free of break-ins and other issues. The lighting can be indoors and outdoors; it is also best to use sensor lights. These lights come on when burglars drive by your property or enter the house. Theives will typically avoid these homes to reduce their risk of being caught.

Video Monitoring

New technology developments allow you to monitor your home more efficiently, onsite or away. You can access different webcams, showing you the faces of burglars who enter your home and the items they steal. D.O.T.’s video surveillance system can help identify the intruder and allow you to turn the video over to the police and press charges. You could also notify individuals at your home when someone is breaking in, letting them go to safe areas while you call the police immediately.

Smart Locks vs. Keys

In today’s society, you could prevent break-ins by using smart locks instead of traditional keys. The smart locks consist of keyboards; you need to insert the correct passwords. You can give these passwords to other family members, such as your children and spouse. However, for more safety, you could give your children a code different from what you and your husband use, giving the adults more authority. This is an excellent option because it could prevent burglars from trying to use knives and other devices to break the lock and burglarize your property.

Use a Professional Security Alarm

When someone tries to break into your home using incorrect keys or the wrong code, or they break any window and doors to come inside, the security system can go off immediately, alerting you, the individuals you have listed to contact a breakthrough, and the local police. This allows the burglars to be met quickly, even if you are at work or out of state, and your family listed on the account cannot get to the home fast enough. The police will be alerted immediately; once law enforcement comes to the home to deal with those who have illegally entered your house.

These are steps to keep your home and family safe from burglars. Remember to stay updated with the latest security or technology systems and other safety methods.