Family vacations are a great time to bond, but they can also be stressful if not planned properly. Not everyone enjoys the same activities, and larger families may need several hotel rooms or cars in order to comfortably fit. These are all problems that can be planned ahead for, though. With just a little forethought, families can make beautiful lifetime memories.

House Rental

Particularly for an extended stay, it is often cheaper to rent a full house versus enough hotel rooms to comfortably fit an entire family. An added bonus is the communal living space that comes with a home rental – instead of people sitting around on beds chatting, they can gather in a living room in front of a roaring fireplace or in a backyard by a refreshing pool. Being able to store and cook some food multiplies the savings and convenience even further.

Vehicle Rentals

Any family with more than two young children will appreciate the need for a sprinter van rental, versus having to rent multiple smaller cars. Even minivans can’t hold as many people and suitcases comfortably. A sprinter van will give everyone plenty of room to spread out and relax, no matter how long the trip.

Plan for Time Apart

Another recipe for success on a family vacation is giving each other space. Togetherness is wonderful, but being able to leave the kids for a night to go on a date is equally great. Maybe Dad wants some solo time to watch a game, or Mom to visit that museum that she’s been looking forward to. Scheduling in some time for each family member to go solo or for certain groups to break apart will make the remaining time together feel even more intentional.

Take Turns on Activities

Likewise, even when planning activities together each family member’s preferences should be taken into account. If one family member loves the beach, but another really prefers to find a cozy cafe, both of those preferences should be taken into account over the course of the vacation. Otherwise, it will breed resentment and reduce the likelihood of any voluntary future family vacations.

It only takes a little bit of planning ahead to put together a vacation that everyone will love and that won’t stress anyone out. It’s about finding the proper balance between scheduling the best activities, the right housing, and comfortable transportation – but once those essentials are taken care of, the rest will fall into place.